Saturday, January 19, 2013


Welcome to Nook and Cranny.
 I have joined up with Vicki from 2 Bags Full, a blogging event:
GROW YOUR BLOG  A meet, greet and follow event.
 If you go to Vicki's blog, there you will find a Very large list of others growing their blogs as well.
At the end of my blog post I will be offering a gift I created for this event, just leave me a comment on this post and I will add your name to the drawing, good luck!
Let me introduce myself to those that don't know me.  My name is Michele and I live on Lake Champlain on  a small island in the beautiful state of Vermont.
Let me share a few photos of my home, this is our 3 season screened in porch, we do spend a great amount of time in this space.  You can see more posts on the porch here, again here, and once more here.  
Each year the porch changes quite a bit.

This is one of my favorite items, my olde rusty truck.  This truck has been the center of many vignettes around my home and for most holidays.

I love collecting antique and rustic vintage kitchen items.  I really don't enjoy cooking so I am  unsure as to why I have a love for old kitchen items.  Maybe I loved to cook in another life, who knows....

I really do love to bring the outdoors into my home.  I love greenery, twigs, dried weeds, birch bark, abandoned birds nests, bees nest, acorns, pine cones and more.  I enjoy creating with these items, too.

I have a love of photography.  I prefer to take photos of the outdoors and I love to photograph animals of all kinds.

Would you like to visit my studio?  You can visit here, again here, and once more here.  My creative space is always changing as I find better storage ideas, more treasures to add, more art from swaps and just any little item that I think I need to have.  I believe I may be a hoarder of sorts :)

I really do love to create.  I love to collage, alter items, make gifts for family and friends.  I specially love joining artist swaps.  If it were not for swaps, I would not have  many reasons to create.  
 I love, love spending time in my studio,  makes me feel good!

I do blog a great deal on my swaps and the items I create.

A hat made, using a small lamp shade....go figure!!

Easter items for family.

Halloween collage for my Figgy (daughter).  Figgy loves Halloween.

A top hat.

I really do enjoy making tags.  You can see more tags here.  I create a bunch of tags at once so I have them on hand to send along to my swap partners as a little something extra, us swappers love extras!!!

A Christmas hanging.  
 The inspiration for this item was a Christmas card we received a few years ago.  I cut it all apart then reassembled.  I save all greeting cards and reuse in making collage items and tags for gifts and much more.

If you have been following me for a time you know I have a love for birds.

I have been having a love affair with burlap, I do love rustic after all.
I created a bunch of these (Shabby Burlap Snippet Rolls) awhile ago.  This was a good sitting watching tv and being with Mr. Nook project.  You can see more of these here.  
I am a hoarder of vintage/antique linens, lace, doilies, trims and such.  I pondered one day,  what could I do with all my little scraps, shabby burlap snippet rolls is what I came up with.  
I use these in my art often.
What do you think, would you find a use for them, should I offer them for sale??

I like to prepare some of my art supplies ahead of time.  Here are some trims stained with coffee and tee.

Figgy and I do love to throw a good party.  We are gals that are most interested in the details of a great party.
This is a Woodland Whimsical baby shower for my Figgy.  You can see that post here

This little person is the new LOVE OF MY LIFE....

My beautiful granddaughter, Lil O
I truly have no words, I don't even talk right when I try to explain how I feel about her.......

Our Lil O turned one early in December.  Again we were having a party, all about the details remember?
You can see that post here
Too much fun was had from beginning to end on this one.

Well, this has been a bit about me.  I really have not figured out why I love to blog yet.  It all started when I came across a blog on the Internet, I found it beautiful and fascinating to say the least.
 My blog is like keeping a journal with photos and stories shared online with others that care to follow me.  It is also a way for me to keep in touch with my family, showing them what I have been up to every few days or so.
I would like to offer this Valentine Spooly as a giveaway,  a thanks for visiting my blog today.  Just leave me a comment on this post and I will throw your name into the hat.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Linda said...

Hi Michele,

Loved the tour! Your Valentine Spoolie is beautiful! I hope you also have fun on the blog event!

Wendy said...

Hello Michele, I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful work. Going to follow you. LOVE your cute little granddaughter, she's so adorable!
Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, it is funny how something small as a book or blog can change your life.

Hugs and happy weekend to you,

Kathy said...

Great tour! I feel the same way about my blog. It is my version of journaling and so fun to find like-minded folks who "get" the things we love and do.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Michele, love what you do and how you feel about your doings.....familiar and fun. Oma Linda

The Sage Butterfly said...

Your creations are so lovely with texture and interest. I am happy to meet you through the Grow Your Blog party. It is nice to connect with other creatives. Have a good weekend!

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Love your porch and your creations! Oh, and that rusty truck? Perfection. But nothing can hold a candle to your granddaughter! She is so pretty! I'm looking forward to my first grandchild in March. She's going old school and not going to find out if it's a boy or girl. Then we'll get our second grandchild in June. I know I'll be the same way your about yours. :-)

Wanda @ Just Vintage

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

awww, your grand daughter is so precious. i love that head piece. cute!!

please enter me into the valentine's day giveaway. thanks!! hope you will stop by my blog. take care. enjoy your weekend. ( :

JoAnne said...

I enjoyed your Grow My Blog party Michele! Beautiful spoolie! xo

Di Lewis said...

Hi Michele! I am so happy to follow you too. Your grand daughter is so cute. Love your home on an isle by Vermont. Your home, studio, style are all charming!!Thanks for the kind words (crying again) for Scooby. Willie Wonka is so sweet. I like how you posted a mini memorial on your blog. I will enjoy returning often! Huggs, Dianna

EvalinaMaria said...

You have a very lovely blog. I'm a new follower and a 'Grow Your Blog' participant. Have fun at the party!

Evalina, This and that...

pam said...

Loving your work! I am participating in the Blog Party Glad to find you!

Becs said...

Hi Michelle. Nice to see you again. what an adorable baby . I can see why your speechless. Becs

Wilma said...

Hello Michele,

Thank you for visiting my blog
and signing in as a follower.
I signed in on yours too.
Love your blog....ánd your granddaughter!
She is so lovely!

Hope to get to know you on your blog.
You make beautiful things.

I love to make new friends
being at the "Grow your Blog"Party.


Crafting Happy said...

What a wonderful porch you have there and I think those 'snippet rolls' are an amazing idea, I always end up with lots of scraps so I may try making one myself (if you don't mind) How sweet and precious your little grand daughter is, cherish every moment with her.
Thank you for the chance of winning your adorable spoolie
- Jeanette

Diana Seal said...

Hi Michele, I enjoyed looking around your wonderful blog and admiring your amazing creations! Glad I found you through the GYB party!
Looking forward in stopping in often!

Shirley said...

Hi Michele, I would love to have a three season screen in porch. I would love to have one where I could sit outside and enjoy fresh air. I have enjoyed your blog and am having a wonderful time reading other people's blogs. Your grand daughter is adorable. We all love our grandchildren. Have fun enjoying the party. A New Missouri Friend.

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

Just became your newest follower and am so excited to see what you create next! I agree... swaps are a wonderful way to keep us in our studios making the magic happen! And I read that you live on Lake Champlain. One thing on my bucket list was to bike inn to inn. I did that with Bike Vermont. I see they do a tour around your area. Who knows...maybe one day I will drop by your home for a visit while biking!!!
Looking forward to your give-away!

kathyinozarks said...

Hi I loved the photos of your home and your crafts-you have a beautiful blog-I am retired and live in rural missouri, I blog about all my doings, all my crafts, and I share recipes too-I have a collection of vintage kitchen items too-but I use allot of mine-especially my cookie cutters-so glad to have run into at the party Kathy

Terri said...

Hello Michele, lovely party post! Your porch is amazing, I think I would love to have one too! The rusted truck is fab! No wonder you love it. Your art is beautiful. You have such a lovely style!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for that great tour... you are a crafty gal!:D I also wanted to thank you for popping by my blog to say howdy! I am your newest follower, I mean come on how could I let a New England blogger escape my following?! LOL! I look forward to visiting often...
Beth P

hueisei said...

Nice to meet you at the party!
Beautiful blog and I am looking forward to more inspiration posts from you :D

suzeeez said...

So nice to meet you and your blog. Your home looks cozy and you do alot of beautiful creating I see. I love that picture of your granddaughter....she's adorable !
:) Sue

Laurie said...

Ooh, we like a lot of the same things and I think I've visited before -- but I think your blog has had a re-design since then. I'm glad to see you again!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Michele,

It is so nice to meet you. Your blog is lovely and you are very crafty. I'm still making my way through visiting everyone from Vicki's Grow Your Blog party. I hope you will stop by to say hello.

Gabriela said...

what agreat blog! I am following so I can find out about your swaps too!!Come visit me!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello Michele
I have so enjoyed my visit and to see your lovely vignettes around your home and also love your shabby burlap rolls with all your special touches.
Hope the wonderful event organized by Vicki has been happy for you too!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

A three season porch sounds wonderful, especially now as it's so stinking cold outside and temps are dropping. visiting via Vicki's GYB Party and enjoying the work of your hands and heart.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and love your creativeness.

It is nice to meet you through Vicki's GYB. If you have a chance stop by and visit me at

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hello Michele

How lovely to meet you via our dear friend Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party!
Isn't she just the kindest person in blogland.

What a lovely warm post - I feel like we've been sitting down chatting over a cup of tea - getting to know one another. I've loved seeing all your creations - I love to make collage, cards and board books for my granddaughters.
I enjoy swaps too so maybe we can get together one day!

I really love your valentine spooly giveaway - how creative.

I’m your newest follower.

I do hope you'll pop over and see me too and enter my GYB Giveaway!
Enjoy the party.
Shane ♥

Kim said...

I'm visiting from the GYB party. (And now following). Your blog is lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing more

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You make so many beautiful things. I love old vintage lace and make some bags and pillows with mine. You've inspired me with your creations! Hugs!

Maggie said...

Hi Michele..I have a rusty old truck that looks so much like yours, and I love having it out for decoration, too (in fact I have a collection of trucks...can't resist them!). You are a quite a prolific crafter, and I love your photography. I don't blame you for being nuts about that cute granddaughter...she's a doll.

Come over to my blog for a visit if you get the chance. I do lots of crafty things, too. I have a giveaway you might like :-)


Mosaic Magpie said...

Another familiar face on the GYB party train! Lil O is a sweetie!

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

You have an abundance of great ideas. I love vintage kitchen utensils too but do not like cooking ver much either. My stuff is just for looks.

kareninkenai said...

Michele - all of your items are beautiful - such a delightful blog. Thanks so much - I am glad to follow via Vicki's Party. Please stop by if you haven't already and sign up for my giveaway. (I'm tardy because my motherboard died and went to the grave!) But, I have a replacement now! Hugs from Alaska. Karen

Maureen said...

Hi Michele! So great to have found you via Vicki's party! I love your creations and am heading back to visit your studio links... I love to see other's creative spaces! I shall also add myself to your Followers so I can return!

Dagmar said...

Hello Michelle, wonderful to visit your blog..What a great way to meet like minded women..Still working my way thru all the blogs..such delight.