Saturday, July 30, 2011


Look what was in my mailbox.
This is my Bird Song tag book.
Several weeks ago I joined in a tag swap over at Karla's Cottage.
You can visit her blog, I do on a nearly a daily basis.
We were to send to the hostess seven (7) tags, bird themed.
You can see the seven tags I created on this post.
This tag is from Samantha Miranda
This tag is from Karla (hostess) This tag is from Karla Jackson at Misspeachsmeowz
Karla also added a little book of birds, so cute.
This tag is from Tami Hacher
This tag is from Jeanelle Ricca
This tag is from Christine Nay of
This tag is from Kelly Deal at
This tag is from Pam Perrella
I wish I had more information on some of the tags so I could give credit to those that deserve a shout out.
I do have to say, each and every tag is so beautiful and unique and I thank each and everyone of you that made them.
I love them all and will cherish them.
Who doesn't love a good swap.....
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Friday, July 29, 2011


I don't know about you, but I think a woodchuck is a beautiful creature.
Look how straight they sit up.These two are playing in the bushes.
These creatures have the keenest hearing ever. It was very hard to get pictures of him, he heard my camera self focus from many many feet away. Do you notice how red his fur is??
This was his house. I love to photograph animals, I think they take the best photos.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Mr Nook has been cleaning out his father's home after many years of accumulation. Mr Nook's father is 93 years old. Here are some unique items.
I love this little red and white tin of leather dressing?? The suitcase I purchased at a yard sale last Sunday. This cabinet came from Jimmy's house.
This chair as well. Do you notice the very small oil squirt er...
The earrings are from a yard sale and will go into my bling box.
I just love a vintage suitcase ;)
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Have I ever mentioned I love a good swap?? ;)
Well, I joined up with Vintage Dragonfly for a Gramma's Attic Matchbox Swap. The swap rules are using one large 250 count matchbox fill it with items that you think would come from your Gramma's Attic.
My swap partner is Michele from Ask Michele Something Special
Here is her matchbox filled with goodies from Gramma's Attic
I wrapped the box in a vintage hankie.
I covered the outside and inside of the box with vintage sewing pattern tissue and paper instructions. I packed into the box, vintage lace, sheet music tags, vintage buttons, costume jewelry, copies of old photographs, and other miscellaneous items. I loved filling the box with old treasures.
On the outside is an old pin and a watch face. Vintage yellow rick rack, a grunged doily all tied up with beautiful trim.
I hope Michele likes her treasure box.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have just finished up with "WHERE BLOGGERS CREATE"
If you would be interested in viewing bloggers/artists creative spaces then you should go on over to My Desert Cottage where you will find a list of 300 or more links to such places.
I spent over a week looking into studios and creative spaces, some were the size of a closet, some were whole basements, some were dining rooms and/or dining room tables, kitchen tables, some were little cottages in the back yard, amazing, wonderful spaces.
One of the things I learned, rather the space was tiny or large , all that created these spaces are so grateful to have a space to call their own.
Another thing I learned is, the space itself is what is "creative".
What struck me the most is; a lot of the creative spaces I visited are a place where one can go to recapture what once was; a feeling of sweetness, whimsy, cozy, warmth, and beautiful only to the creator of the space. (well some where pretty beautiful to me and I am sure to many others)
These spaces were a place of no fear, no worries or major concerns, (this was mentioned by the blogger over and over again) almost as if it is a feeling of being a young child again but with the ability to have everything we want, to own items again that we once had, and how much of that, that we actually want.
I know this to be true in my own case.
I want to thank everyone again for visiting my space and leaving such warm comments.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I would like to thank Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage
for hosting this event.
Head on over to Karen's blog where you will find a very long list of other bloggers that have signed up. Visit some of these great spaces, I am sure you won't be disappointed.
Come into my creative space, make yourself at home..
If you follow my blog you would know that I love a great swap.
This is a basket of my swap gifts.
This is my love, Willy Wonka Pea Doodle.
Willy is at the Rainbow Bridge having the time of his life. I am a hoarder of vintage lace and trims. I can't help myself, I don't know what the obsession is really, I just love it, and that's just it!!
I truly love my creative space.
I love to just sit and look at all of my trinkets and pictures and lace, to be in this room I feel at peace. My space is my therapy, if I needed therapy...
The picture of the two little girls was a card from my Best Friend, I finally put it in a frame today.
This photograph is of my dad.
I have used this photo many times in different pieces of art and in collages and on greeting cards.
I love the look of old books, books are great items to use in vignettes.
Told you I love lace. Vintage sewing patterns make me happy, too.
These mother and child bears are one of my most cherished things ever, Figgy gave this to me for mother's day many, many years ago. Isn't this just precious?
I love old pictures and have several hanging in different areas.
A View from the doorway.
There are three walls that are all shelves. Most of the shelves are full of boxes of creative goods, paper, books, more lace and trims, all sorts of stuff. I won't show you that, not very attractive...
Did I mention I love linens?
I have made a lot of art using linens.
I also have a love for birds.
I hope you have enjoyed my creative space and some of my favorite items.
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Monday, July 11, 2011


Remember the town wide yard sale post??
You can see that here
I found a few more items that I just couldn't resist, remember I have a hoarding problem??
A few more old bottles (the clear one)
I just love fall silk flowers.
My Figgy did a little de-hoarding at her condo and wants me to hold onto this big urn. I told her I would keep it for her, and when she purchases her old farmhouse she can have it back. This book was the only book that interested me out of hundreds. I don't think anyone should sell books, I think they should be free. There are just so many out there, I am afraid most get thrown in the landfills and that is a shame. I have a recipe mini album swap coming up end of July and I will be using some images/pages from this little gem. These children are to cute!! I found some of these fun items and Figgy had some for her mama as well.
I needed a tape dispenser for my studio, lucky fine.
One can't have to many paint brushes or highlighters.
I was thrilled to find the tag items, can't wait to color them up.
FUN stuff!!
I do have to say; I did really well for the day.
I am trying to be very frugal when out junkin these days.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I do not believe I have ever shared my very vintage telephone. I purchased this telephone at a yard sale may years ago.
The man I purchased it from said it worked. Well, not so much...
It sure would of been great if it did work.
It really looks nice in little vignettes. Some lilies from my yard.
Ring, ring...
I found this little bird made from bark at a yard sale last weekend. Do you have an old phone?
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