Thursday, July 26, 2012


Well, it didn't take me to long to make a mess after my studio was all picked up, prettied up and neat as a pin for the "Where Bloggers Create" party.  You can visit my studio here
I did have several boxes of paper and old packets of vintage ephemera that I had listed in Etsy some time ago stashed under the work tables.
 Well....I finally decided to go through these boxes and put it all away, this task took me a few days.
Do you have these boxes lingering around??
Well...I couldn't just go through the new found stuff and not create something with it all.
I decided to make good use of both my task and my desire, so I decided to make some tags/collage pieces and have them ready for gifts, gifts for my swap partners, etc.
 I discovered copies of old Farmer's Almanack I picked up at our local library. 
I used the front covers as the background for several of the tags/collage piece I created.
What fun I had!!!
Yup, my studio is still a complete mess.

Notice this is a vintage index card.

A very antique book spine.

I really did find some goodies in those boxes.

I found several copies of images of cabinet cards in my collection.
I am one that saves every scrap of paper.

Pieces of vintage wall paper.

Another index card.  I think these make for great tags, nice and sturdy (at least the vintage ones are).
I am so pleased to have finally cleaned up these boxes, job well done!!
I am happy to have a bunch of created items ready to use.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Welcome to my studio, I am glad you stopped by.
I would like to start off by thanking Karen from My Dessert Cottage for hosting this
If you would like to see tons and tons of other studios, craft rooms, special spaces, etc., go on over there for a list of blogs to visit.  I promise you, you will have a fantastic time.
I would like to start off my tour with a few examples of my art work, a peak at what I do in my studio.
Not only do I create in my studio, I love, love to collect things as well and this is where I keep all of my most loved/treasured things.

I love to collect vintage greeting cards.  This is a drawer full in a green dresser I have.  I love to sift through these every so often, and I also use a lot of them to send thank you notes to my swap partners.  I do love a good swap!!

 I love vintage sewing patterns, these are kept in an old wooden box.
 Do you notice the picture of the little dancer?  Well I had one just like it when I was a little girl.  I found this a few years ago at a yard sale, I was so tickled.

 If you follow my blog you know that I love vintage lace, I can't get enough of it, I am a hoarder of lace and trims, there I admit it....

 I also love tulle and organza ribbons.

 I love birds and old books.

I specially love big black birds, ravens if you will.
We have a lot of these birds around our house.
I have used this image of these children in a few of my creations.  This photo makes for great Halloween items.

 A wooden tray holds random pieces of ephemera, tags, envelopes, etc.  I like to have these pieces handy, one never knows what/where I will use a piece of paper.

 My studio has three walls of shelves.  When we moved into this house we turned this bedroom into a very large closet/storage room for our log cabin has no closets.  After a few years we turned this into my studio and we left the shelves, works great for me.

 A wooden cheese box full of art items I have received from swaps.  I save every single one.

 A little more of my art items.

Hat boxes that store more vintage lace and trims.

 More old books and my sewing machine.

 This is a treasure, I love this so much.
My Figgy (daughter) gave this to me many years ago for Mother's Day

Working supplies.

 More supplies and trinkets and such.

 This is a shot from in the doorway.

I love random goofy things like these pink glasses.
I am waiting to wear them with my Lil O (granddaughter) for dress-up

 I purchased this Singer Sewing Machine tray from a yard sale a few weeks ago.

 This wooden tray I use to gather items as a create and clean around for my next project that is coming up, always thinking ahead.

 I love, love clothes pins.  This is a basket full, ready to be used in a project, to hold papers together, or just thrown in a box for a swap partner

 A box full of vintage and antique doily's

A basket full of random vintage and antique materials, baby clothes, table clothes, vintage aprons, etc.

 A large lamp shade used to store vintage table runners.
Every single woman should be lucky enough to have such a space just to call her own.  To collect the little treasures she wants to, to create what ever her heart thinks of, or to just sit and relax and admire what is hers.
Thanks for stopping by.