Friday, February 25, 2011


Welcome to my studio, my haven.
Beware, I am on the verge of being a hoarder. If you know me, you know I LOve vintage lace and trims. I frequent a local auction house, most of my lace and trims were purchased there by the BOX lots. I love to collage, this was a large mirror.
I also love vintage patterns and more of this and that. My studio never really looks like this, it is usually a mess from my latest project. I like the idea that I can just walk away when I need to without having to pick everything up.
I love my space, I feel happy here and content as can be.
I enjoy girly pink things around. These vintage Avon items remind me of when I was a little girl.
I fill my space with a lot of my favorite items from my past, those things that really don't belong or fit into the decor of your regular living space, you know, the items you have never wanted to get rid of.....
I love birds! Who wouldn't want to be a bird??
I don't get rid of much of anything.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting my studio, my favorite place to sit, play and create.
p.s. I know some of you have seen a few of these photos in the past, I wanted to do a post of my studio so I can put on the sidebar of my blog.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Remember the egg swap I mentioned earlier?
Well here are the three eggs I am sending out for the swap.
I've used some favorites; vintage lace and trims.
This lace was stained using Tim Holtz walnut stain spray. Remember the post where I shared the vintage greeting card cutouts. These tulips are some of that.
My last visit to the Christmas Tree Shop I purchased some organza
ribbon in some beautiful pastel colors, here is the yellow and pink/rose color.This egg was created using more of the yellow ribbon, pink and baby blue feathers, and a vintage button. The brown and beige pearls are from the dollar store, it WAS a bracelet. The vintage flower is a piece of material from a wedding dress. The flower and greenery was colored using some chalk. This egg was created using more vintage lace, some of the same pearl bling, more vintage dress tiny flowers colored pink with chalk and glitter. Three purple silk roses with more glitter, and a pink bow of organza and lace.
I hope whoever receives my eggs enjoys them.
I will be posting again when I receive my eggs in the mail, I can't wait.
Stay tuned.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I want to share with you what is on my work bench.
I purchased some paper last week, something I usually don't do. I loved the spring colors and of course the tattered look.
I also purchased some flowers and such. I usually don't purchase these type of items (I have made paper items from all my ephemera collection) but I thought it would be something different to use in some things I have been thinking about lately. Do you see the 24k egg kit in the back ground? I love those colors....I have an idea and I hope it will work. If it does I am going back to Price Chopper and purchase all they have!! The lunch bags are for a mini album swap I joined a few days ago. This is the first time making a mini, it has to be 6" x 6" and themed Spring. I will be sure to share when finished.
The eggs are for an egg swap I also joined. At first I committed to making one egg, but have changed my mind and will make 3.
I finished up the 10 tags for a tag swap. These are the last two. You can see the other 8 tags in this post. I also did more embellishing, I love to embellish just about anything.
I love how this tag came out. I love birds anyways...
I used a page in one of my King Korn vintage stamp collection books.
Someone has been in this tote again, wonder who does this anyways??
While preparing to go to the auction again last Saturday, I decided to take some vintage greeting cards along and my scissors. I sat for a few hours and cut out fun things. I specially love the little children.
I purchase all of my vintage greetings cards at rummage sales and yard sales. At these places these cards are basically given away.
More fun cutouts.
I think I will be using some of these and some of my new papers and such for the mini album I will be making over the next month. This all looks like Spring to me, what do you think??
I will keep you posted with my new swap items.
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Friday, February 18, 2011


Wednesday was my best friend (Stacey) 50th birthday, don't tell her I said 50 though, she doesn't like that so much.
This is what I made for her. Notice there is no number 50 anywhere..Awhile ago I joined an egg swap over at Thimbleprims Studio.
We can create as many eggs as we want to submit. The number of eggs submitted is the number we will get back. This will be so much fun. I have had these vintage eggs around for awhile. I purchased them at a yard sale a long time ago. These eggs are styrofoam and are covered with spun silk. Beautiful.... I think I will make some for myself. Stay tuned, I will post when done. I went to the local auction last Saturday, did I tell you I Love that place? Some comic books. Does anyone remember these?
These pens are fun, I wondered if they worked. I imagine the buyer was going to find out...
This large clock was offered to me by the man I was sitting near. Sure I will take it I said, thanks!
I am going to take off all of the frame wood and have a friend cut it in a circle shape and hang in my studio.
The small clock I purchased for $15, yup $15. The wood is mahogany, all the working pieces are inside. The hands are missing.
I am sure I could have it fixed (the man next to me said) or I will use for another purpose. I am thinking of doing a project with it for my studio. If. I choose the project route I will share when done. Did I tell you I love the auction house??
I have linked up to a few parties for today. Go on over for a look and some inspiration.
Happy Friday
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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Look what the UPS man brought today.
My swap partner Kai from Celebrating Christmas Year Round
created these two, yup two fabric collage's for me.
I was truly tickled that they are both blue, my favorite color (I did not tell her that) go figure...
I love this deer and bird. The snow is actually made from white feathers, cleaver..
I so love how this bird is communicating with the deer. I LOVE all animals. Kai has shared with me that she loves winter.
This collage is fantastic. Look at the man in the moon. I am pretty partial to the man in the moon actually!!
This one is called "Moon Snow" The feather is a beautiful shade of blue.
I love joining in on swaps. I so enjoy receiving others creations.
I am intending on starting a fine collection of many different creations.
If you would like to see the fabric collage I created for Kai you can find that post here.
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Well, the One World One Heart tour has come to an end. I have a winner of the six organza bags.
Paula from Serendipity
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I had such a great time traveling all over the world visiting many different blogs. I have found several more to follow and look forward to spending more time at the blogs I have found, and making a few new friends in the process.
Making friends around the world was the vision of Lisa Swifka of A Whimsical Bohemian when she started this event five years ago.
Sadly Lisa will not be hosting this event any longer but will be hosting a brand new event.

You can go here to find more information on this event.

I will be looking forward to this over the next year.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


The heart swap package arrived on Friday. Wait until you see this... I joined in on a heart swap some time ago over at Mosaic Magpie
Debbie was our host for this swap. I would like to thank her again for all of her efforts. If you would like to see more hearts go on over to her blog. On the right hand side you will find a list of names of all participants. This is my package.
This heart was from Debbie herself. This beauty is handstitched. Do you notice the little bird charm? I love this heart!! Debbie included a note. This is my heart from my swap partner Stacie from Squirrelly Ducks What a BEAUTIFUL heart. Can you see the tiny, tiny beads?
This heart I will treasure. Did I mention I love swaps!!
Here is the heart I made for Stacie. It has a pocket that is filled with vintage inspired tags. I hope you enjoyed seeing my hearts.
Thanks for stopping by.