Thursday, April 29, 2010


These "treasure tags" are so much fun!! Take a look at just a few of them. Look at the lil o' cowboy! The two little girls reading a book together, best friends or sisters maybe?? Check out these little children. I sooo love this photo of these two little boys, I have given one of them his own crown with glitter. The toddler in the chair also has her own little crown with pink glitter.
Look at someones Granny!! She is royalty you know!! The man with his son is regal as well.
I love the photo of all the children next to the antique car, maybe they are going to church. The vintage women are probably sisters. I have glittered one skirt with pink glitter, fantastic!!
Oh, and the two dogs, they are in love.
I will be posting these "treasure tags" later on this afternoon. I have to run out to purchase clothes pins for a special order.
There are many more tags, visit here to see:
Thanks for stopping by, let us know what you think of our new Treasure Tags.
Michele & Minyele

Monday, April 26, 2010


This is a wedding gift I just finished for some friends of ours. Let me share it with you. I took an antique picture frame I purchased at our local auction house. I used their wedding invitation (it is here in the frame) I took the shiny paper that is inside the envelope and cut out doves using this paper, one is glued to the invitation the other dove has a spot of color. I took the remaining doves and the sticker that was used on the mailing envelope and put these little lovies in a pure white organza bag. I stamped white satin ribbon with a bride and groom and also another piece with the words "enjoy the journey". I took all of this ribbon and vintage lace and made a bow. The background is antique sheet music. I finished off with white and red/pink silk flowers along with a coffee stained antique doily. I like how it came out. I hope our friends do as well. Thanks for stopping by. Michele & Minyele

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I think this flower is so fantastic!! The sun is just perfect. Here is the lake in the early a.m. with the Adirondak Mountains in the background. What could possibly be better than this on a Sunday morning??
We can't forget about one of the first flowers of spring, the lovely tulup. I love the white ones, chic!!
Again, my favorite flower.Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked the flowers we had to share today.
Michele & Minyele

Friday, April 23, 2010


I spent the day yesterday cleaning and arranging our screen porch (summer living space) we live out in this space all summer and fall (for as long as we possibly can) This is possibly one of my most favorite items to photograph. I decorate with it alot, summer, winter, fall, etc. I have posted this lantern several times and it makes for a popular greeting card as well. This lantern is outside near the stairs, the lantern greets everyone that comes. Willy Wonka Pea Doodle was a big help yesterday, he barked at every bird that flew by or landed on the lawn. He was in protective mode.
Welcome to our summer space. Our sign is made from old barn boards as you can see. It sits on an old wooden antique refrigerator. This is always a good converation piece. The antique rocker belonged to my nana Edson.
This is a wooden stand made by the husband for our daughters wedding, it still holds the branches and twigs and such. I stuck on old yard stick and the aggravation wooden game board my Great Aunt Ida played with for years and years.
This is a cornor of the porch which I love. I have taken the pics in the daytime but there is lights on the trees and red lights around the large vine wreath in the background. There is all sorts of goodies here, a very old sled and table, a bird house, more branches and such and an old kerosene heater that I spray painted red.
This is a better view where you can see the heater and the wooden bird cage with greenery.
Here is one end of our summer space from a distance away. I have not finished the whole project yet. I will post when completed.
Thanks for visiting.
Michele & Minyele

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


New items for our shop. I am trying to purge out some of our lace and trims. We have tons, purchased at our local auction house, box lots at a time. I need to clean out my craft room/closet, hence the name; aclosetoftreasures. You can find these here the packs will consist of; two yards of vintage trim/lace with a handmade/handstamped tag and a glittered clothespin. Each trim is approx. 1 yard x 2 trims, give or take.
Use these little beauties in your vintage shop as give aways, for sale, as decorations, whatever your fancy.
Let's talk about clothes pins; when we had our gift shop here on the island for the tourist, we gave away a clothes pin with each purchase (sometimes with a brochure.) We would use the clothes pin to close the bag. The merchants LOVED this, women's faces would light right up. For the local people, they would mention they would revisit just for a clothes pin, some would share that they had a collection going. One woman came back to make another purchase because her dog ate her clothes pin!!
At craft shows and festivals (where ever we set up our craft table) we would do the same thing, our clothes pins became very popular.
Why don't you try this in your shop or at your craft shows. Women love free little things. Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele

Monday, April 19, 2010


I had an appointment this morning in South Hero. I try to always bring my camera. I have learned many times that one misses so many photo opportunities when one doesn't have their camera.
This is what I found. I guess this is someone's idea of a flag pole?!?
Incase you can't see it in the picture, the pole is a tree branch held there with a cement block.
What ever works.....
Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele

Friday, April 16, 2010


I took a little day trip to St. Albans, Vermont to Joann's Fabrics for fabric for our dog bandanas that we have to get sewing soon for our upcoming craft shows, farmers markets, etsy and whatever else we decide to show at. My little trip took me on some side roads off the beaten path. This is a little church in Swanton, Vermont. Great hah? I should of tried the door, am sure it was locked. Next time by this road I will travel there again to see if the door IS locked, maybe can get a picture of inside, that would be great. Traveling on my journey I saw this sitting out on someones lawn. I just had to stop to catch a picture. Will make a great Vermont Greeting Card. We will see how it sells.
Here is some of the fabric I purchased for the dog bandanas. Minyele was waiting for the sale so she could go to pick out the fabrics, she missed it for she is in Greece. I think it is better to be in Greece than picking out fabrics, but she loves what she does with the dog bandanas, I love that!
The little frog fabric was in the clearance rack, 50% off from that price, ended up being $1.00 per yard, this is my kind of sale. There wasn't much more in this area to purchase, that was a shame. We will be taking it on the road in time for July 4th celebration bandanas. The four legged loved ones have to be styling, too.
I thought that some four legged owners may like the baseball fabrics, there sure are alot of baseball fans out there. Notice the skulls, there will be someone out there that thinks their dog is bad to the bone!!
Well, I am pleased with my purchases and I think I got a few good pictures for our greeting cards as well.
I will be out more now that it is nicer weather trying to find that fantastic photo that will sell great again this season here on the island.
Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Our new shabby chic/rustic vintage packets, YUMMY!! Use for just about anything; gift wrapping, embellishments, scrapbooking, etc. We have grunged (coffee stained) all the items; the cloths pins, the vintage doily, the three organiza bags (thanks dad) the grunge mixture includes liquid glitter (gold) the camera doesn't pick it up good but, it is there. The items do smell yummy, if you like the smell of coffee!!
We are trying two sets out in our shop over here:
This is what we've been up to the last few days, what have you been doing??
Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Fantastic vintage wallpaper from Recycle North last week in Burlington. I have cut into usable squares for those that want to craft with the wallpaper. The pages measure approx. 10 1/4" x 6 1/2", you will get six (6). Use in your scrapbooking, collage, journaling projects and more. The package is finished off with a purple sheer bow and twine with a coffee stained clothes pin painted with pink glitter. You can find my new wallpaper packs in my etsy shop here: Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I am so inspired by my new embellishment items and the theme "RUSTIC VINTAGE". These items will be listed in our etsy shop in the next day or so. If you can drop on over and have a looksie, there will be more there. Soooo...I have been grunging materials, using more of our stamps and just plain old trying different ideas and techniques. What do you think??
These bow type embellishments can be used to decorate just about anything from tables, chairs, gifts, gift bags, scrapbooking, altered art, ephemera book making, gift giving, the possibilites are endless.
How about a Rustic Vintage Wedding!! Now there is a thought!!
These little bundle bows come in different sizes and different materials, some have paper, tule, vintage ribbon, lace, vintage trims stained with coffee, just plain grunged up with dyes and such, with some sparkles added, who knows what is in these little darlings.
I have also been busy with my stamps, new stamps and some old stamps. I love to stamp now, what great fun I've been having. I love making the "rustic vintage" wedding tags. Again, the possibilites for the use of these are endless as well.
I LOVE the old truck!!
Here I have taken a paper doily and stamped it up with the same theme.
I hope you enjoyed my new items. I am excited to get them in our shop to see what the interest may be.
Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele
and Willy, too!!