Friday, March 25, 2011


Here is a (first for me) mini photo and journaling album.
This album is for a swap at Bella Creations
Starr, if you have stopped by you may not want to look..
Let me share with you all the fun things inside.
My swap partner is an artist as well and when I look at some of her creations, I see lots of beautiful flowers and butterflies.
The album is made from brown lunch paper bags, cardstock paper over the bags and chipboard for the front and back of the album.
The album is covered with vintage lace and trims.
The roses are from a bouquet as well as the little flowers with glass beads in the centers. The butterfly is wood that I painted with copper paint and added the glass beads.
Tucked in here is an organza bag with a piece of vintage trim adhered.
These two pieces are greeting cards. One has a tag that I hand stamped and added some trim. The other one has some silk flowers glued on the edge. These two go in the pockets of the bags.
Another page with a flower as a pocket holding a few tags and journaling pieces.

A page with a piece of vintage lace as a holder for more tags. An image from my collection of photographs makes for a tag or can be used for journaling on the back.

Another page with a pocket from the flap of one of the paperbags. This image (someone's beautiful grammie) is another from my stash.
This page is trimmed with some vintage wedding dress trim.
Two more journaling pieces or pieces for photographs. The one on the left opens up for more space.
This pocket is made from the another lip of a bag.
More journaling spots, tags and fun things. I love to embellish with vintage lace and trims, bows, buttons, flowers and just about anything I guess.
This piece goes in one of the bag pockets, you never know what you may find in one of these special places??
Another page filled with goodies.
I enjoy cutting paper. I usually cut out pieces from greeting cards, I like the cardstock feel and the colors.

These are more pieces that fits into the bag pockets.

I really enjoyed making this album. I struggled at first putting together the book. I watched alot of tutorials on Youtube (just search paperbag mini albums) it is alot of fun.
This is the last page. A butterfly cut from sheet music. It is painted yellow and glittered (camera doesn't pick up glitter well). More trims and flowers.
I sure do hope my swap partner likes her mini album.
I am now Hooked on making mini albums. I will be making an Easter one next for my Figgy.
I will post when I recieve my mini album. I can't wait.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Guess I've been a tad bit busy.....
I do have to say, when I get my mojo on I don't care what the place looks like, you will see what I'm talking about in a second. I joined a swap at Bella Creations (anyone can join this site/blog) for a 6x6 mini photo-journaling album. WELL, let me tell you, I have never made one of these in my entire life nor have ever seen one for that matter, but I signed up anyways. I am crazy for a good swap you know. It did not take me long to say, "what in the heck have I gotten myself into"... I decided to make my album out of brown lunch paper bags. I sat through many tutorials on youtube, watching how to make the album itself. I had to finally bring hubby in on the action to help me out. Sometimes my brain doesn't get things :( The Easter fabric will be for my next mini album (boy am I hooked now!) Once I mastered the construction of the album (many lunch bags and doublesided tape later) I was ready to get to the real fun. As you can see here, nothing stopped me as I created this mini album. Oh I forgot to add, in short time I was given the name of my swap partner and guess what? She happens to be one of the creators of Bella Creations, NO pressure here ladies :( All in all I think the mini came out pretty good for a first timer. I am happy with it. Most of what I used I already had in my stash (I like this idea) Here is a tiny sneak peek. I will post the mini in the next few days.
Thanks for stopping by.
ps, Happy Spring!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I joined in on a tag swap several weeks ago. We were to make 10 tags to be swapped. The tags were sent to our host JoAnne from Vintage Dragonfly
JoAnne swapped out all the tags, made a book to hold the tags and sent them back out to every 0ne. I love my Spring Tag Book and I thank JoAnne for all the work that went into the swap, thanks JoAnne!!
This is the front of the book that JoAnne made. If you go on over for a visit you will see all of the tags that were made.
You can see the ten tags that I made here
and here
I so love a swap. This tag was made by Patty at Sweetscrappyscrappers-Peppermintpatty I love birds!
The colors on this tag are not as they appear here, fantastic! This was made by Jennie from Theprettypekingese Did I tell you, I love birds, ribbon and pretty things?
This tag made by Jen at Eatpeanuts
I love the beads that spell "spring"
Do you notice the girl is actually holding the flowers?
This tag is from Jo at Mypaperplayhouse
A girl after my own heart, I love the lace and trim. The image of this child is so beautiful!
Nancy from Artfromtheheart
created this tag. Nature is says, this tag even has a spoon and another small tag, I love, love this nature tag.
This is Wendy's tag, Blissangels
This child is adorable with her wings and her blue crown. Notice her bunny friend...
This tag is from Amy at Rubymoonart Flowers made with ribbon, some people are so creative don't you think?
This tag is from JoAnne our host from Vintagedragonfly
This tag really says "spring" Do you see the tiny, tiny birds nest? I love it.
This tag is from Paula, she doesn't have a blog.
Beautiful girl with butterfly wings and bling.
Paula, you should have a blog it is great fun!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of my tags.
Be sure to visit JoAnne's blog so you can see all the other tags.
I would like to thank everyone for their tags and to let you know I will treasure this tag book.
Did I mention I love a good swap??
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I have finished my hat for the Royal Wedding (if I had an invite I would wear this lovely).
I have joined in on a Wedding Wear party over at Laura's from
Go on over to see some of the fun.
In an earlier post here
I mentioned I LOVE hats, and would wear them if it were normal to do so where I live.
Besides, I can't think of where I would wear a hat such as this, maybe Price Chopper??
I love vintage lace and flowers. I thought these feathers coordinate well with the flowers.
Of course hats have to have bows and lets not forget a little bit of bling.
Could you imagine going to an event where hats such as this were just as much a part of a woman's outfit as her purse and shoes?
I would go with so much excitement just to see the hats.
Thanks for stopping by.
p.s. I think Kate must have fun while shopping for all of her hats!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Do you wish you could put on the most fabulous hat and go out anywhere without being looked at like you may have been dropped off by a space ship or something?I wish I could do this each and every time I see a fantastic hat in an antique store or flea market. Someone wore these hats. I do wonder where these women may of worn these hats. Maybe a wedding, church, community functions, etc. Look at the color of these two hats.
I also LOve hat boxes. This box comes from a city close to where I live.
I probably would of enjoyed visiting The Old Bee Hive when it was around way back when. The name is very interesting.
I am so in the mood for talking about hats.
I have joined up for a blog party over at Decor To Adore
This party is called Wedding Wear.
If you were to be invited to Kate and Williams wedding what kind of hat would you wear. What color would it be, would it have feathers or flowers or say both, would it be big or more conservative in size. Would you pick out your hat after you picked out your outfit or, would you pick out your outfit after your purchased your hat??
Now, this is a place where you could sport the biggest, fanciest hat ever!!
If you would like to join in on the dress up fun go on over and sign up.
The party is March 9th.
I will be creating my own hat, so stay tuned!!
I am linking up to Inspiration Friday over at Common Ground
Feathered Nest Friday over at French Country Cottage
Viola at The French Cupboard
(I thank all the hostess's for hosting)
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