Saturday, January 28, 2012


I am wondering if I am really a pinky kind of gal.
If you follow me here on my blog, my home doesn't have a stitch a pink in it (except my creative space)
I guess when it comes to creating I tend to go towards the color pink.
I still manage to incorporate nature, birds, burlap and such in my work.
I do think that pink and soft pastel colors do go well with burlap and grunged trims, aged items and such.
A tag I created awhile back using pink vintage wallpaper. The wallpaper I purchased at a yard sale, a whole roll.... hah!
I purchased this vintage apron.
I would not wear this apron but I plan to use the fabric.
I guess when I create something for a swap partner I tend to go towards the pink.
I take a look at my swap partners blogs and I come to realize most like pink...
This is a tag and a paper shoe I created.
A paper doll for a swap using some vintage trim I dyed pink!!
I guess I don't mind capturing photographs of pink things either.
More supplies.
I love vintage hats, pink ones as well.
Hope you enjoyed some of my photos of pink things.
I guess I am a pinky kinda gal, are you??
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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Check this out.
Over at The Polka Dot Closet, Carol is going to be our hostess
for a dress form party on February 7th.
NOW, this is great!
I have had my dress form for awhile now. I have dressed it up a few times, you can see the posts here and here.
When I purchased my dress form and posted my first post on it, I wondered "why doesn't someone do a dress form linky party", well here we are!!!
Fantastic idea. I can hardly wait to see all the creativity.
Do you have a dress form? You really should get it out, dust it off, dress it up and show it off.
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Monday, January 23, 2012


I thought I would share with you some of my prepared items I use in my art.
If you follow my blog you know I love rustic, nature, earth tones, rusty shabby, lace and trims of all kinds.
I love the old and tattered look.
I have tons and tons of vintage lace and trims, trims from wedding dresses galore.
I scored big at a yard sale a few years ago, a woman that was in the wedding dress making business was going out of business. I purchased a contractor size plastic bag half full, yup half full of scraps and trims for $5.00, yup I did say $5.00.
I love to stain some of these trims with coffee and tea, sometimes I use Tim Holtz sprays and sometimes I use chalks, and I have been known to use shoe polish as well.
I grunge up a lot of trims at once so I have these on hand when I want to use a piece or two in a project.
I also create a bunch of tags using copies of old photographs from my stash.
I just love to tuck a tag into a pocket on a project or I have one ready for a gift I am giving.
I also love to include a nice tag along with my swap gift for my swap partners.
I love using old clothes pins in my projects, you never know where you may find one of these.
I purchase them from the dollar store, these are colored already, I add glitter.
These are regular pins that I stained with coffee then glitter.
It is helpful for me to have many items ready and available on hand to use in my projects. I also enjoy having these items hanging around to look at.
Do you have items ready for creating, what are some of your prepared goodies?
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Thursday, January 19, 2012


I found this recipe on Pinter est, Reese's Peanut
Buttercup Banana Bread.
You can find it on this blog
I have yet to spend more time looking around on this fantastic blog. Head on over for a look yourself, I think you will be happy that you did.
I made this for my Figgy for her birthday celebration that we had last night.
Of course Pinter est is a great place to find amazing things to try.
Happy Birthday FIGGY!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


I want to share with you my winter neighborhood.
These are bunny prints in the snow at our bedroom window.
I believe he is chasing around a little mouse. I can see the mouse prints but the camera won't pick them up very good.
One of my bird houses. I like to leave them out all year long, they get there very aged look.
After the last snow fall.
Mt Mansfield in Vermont.
A local horse and his winter house.
The ducks don't seem to mind the freezing waters of Lake Champlain.
Canadian Geese.
See that one top of photo; he was making all sorts of noises.
My favorite little winter birds, so cute.
If you would like to see my neighborhood in the summer months you can go here.
I do love all four seasons.
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Friday, January 13, 2012


I love old Ball jars.
I use them for many different things, let me show you a few.
I inserted a simple votive holder in the top and put in a tea light candle. This jar is filled with buttons. Just think of the possibilities!!
This jar has several little vintage bottles.
Some measuring spoons in the kitchen.
Some of my favorite tea, it is tea time right now...
In my craft space.
For paint brushes, pens, pencils and such.
These Ball jars are even good for putting little bears in, cute don't you think?
I decorate with them for the holidays.
These jars can be filled with many different items for each of our holidays.
How about some eggs for Easter, some candy corn for Halloween, perhaps some spiders and scary bugs as well. How about a bird nest with tiny eggs, some heart candies for Valentines, the possibilities are endless.
I hope I have inspired you to go out and find a few for yourself.
What will you store in yours??
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


A new year, a new vignette.
I have linked up to Grits and Glamour for a "WILD ABOUT MOTHER NATURE PARTY"
If you know me here at Nook and Cranny you know I am a lover of nature, birds, twigs, burlap (oh love the burlap) and more.
This is a new centerpiece on the dining room table.
The aloe plant was given to me last fall at a rummage sale, I planted it in the vintage coffee can. Do you notice the old door knob and the little brown bottle tucked in the dirt?
The bird nest was given to me by my dear friend Stacey, she knows I love to collect these little items from nature. I did a post awhile back on a gift of nests, you can see that here.
This bird was given to me by my Figgy for my birthday.
This is the vignette. I have used my antique sewing machine boxes, love these!
The clock I purchased at my local auction house for $5.00
The little white vintage bird cage was also a gift from my Figgy.
The bird cage has a handmade nest with a glass bird, eggs, a post card and several bead pins made for me by a blog friend.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone!!
I have been away from my blog for a short time, for what I consider a good reason.
Meet my DARLING grand baby Olivia.
Olivia came to us on December 13th.
This child fills my heart with so much joy, I feel as though I can hardly explain it.
I look so forward to the new year and all the excitement and wonderment this child will bring into our lives.
This image I found on Pinterest.
I will be on the lookout for the most fantastic dress to create a lamp (for a little bit later on) just like this for my little Olivia!!!
This is so darling....
Thanks for stopping by.
(Olivia's Nana)