Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We are having a family vacation. My family is here from Nevada and Arizona. Here is Destini trying out the boogie board. This is Chantal, this was a number 10 by the way.
This is Alexis, she is the big bass catcher.
This is a lake monster!!!
This is Carrie and Alexis (mother and daughter)
Quiet time with a granddaughter.
Here is beautiful Chantal.
CODY DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by. We are having a wonderful vacation time together. Michele

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It has been so hot and humid here lately, even the wee little ones need to hose themselves down!!!!! Here is a little bit of summer color.
Someone thought this old wooden wagon would look better blue???? Some people will paint anything....
I just love old rusty bikes, or just about anything old and rusty I guess.
See, I told you old and rusty.
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed a little view of Vermont.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I LOVE my new craft space. This all started back a few weeks ago when I took part in a blog party, see my post here: I needed to move my space from our basement livingroom area, my office area and this room combined. This is the final outcome. I NEED a chair now. There are two tables here for now. Hubby will build me a bar height work counter more toward fall time, this will have to do for now. As I mentioned in my other post I prefer to stand while creating.
In the green dresser I have more storage, vintage and antique greeting cards and post cards mostly.
I love to have my ribbons, lace and trims out where I can see them. I think they make fantastic decorations and I just love them around me.
I also love to look at my box of vintage sewing patterns and jugs and glass filled with my buttons. I also like to have some of our crafted items out as well, our magnets that are popular and other items I think are special.
Here is more shelf storage. See those magazines, right shelf, third shelf down, these are a few out of my collection of Somerset Studio Magazines. I SOOOOO LOVE these and I never get rid of any.
The crates on the floor hold my ephemera papers and all sorts of paper goodies in file folders so I can find paper items by category. This picture here is the last of the trash that hubby has hauled out. We have purged and scaled down to say the least. We had a yard sale, we heaved and we howed!! This is the final result and I am happy and most of all I can't wait to get creative in my new space. I have some new ideas for projects (I found things, you know) so I will look forward to all of this and all of that.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Sence we decided to close the gift shop we now get the chance to decorate with some of the crafts and items we had left over. I thought we would share some with you. Maybe you will be inspired, too. This white birch bark canoe is one of my favorite items to decorate for any reason what so ever. The green and pink flower items I bought on clearance at Walmart. Do you notice the very old beeskep?? Also, there are two circus wooden rings. We had alot of vintage flour sifters left over, I decided to put this plant in one.
This old watering can has some of our famous magnets on it. We used monolopy game pieces and put magnets on the backs, these were popular in our shop, here is a couple that were left over. When we would go
to craft shows this is exactally how we would display them (on this can) This was an item for sale in our shop, teddy bears in flour sifters, we had teddy bears in laddles and canning jars.
Here are a few antique wooden shoes in a very old wooden bowl. We would display items in our wooden bowls, everyone wanted to know if the bowls were for sale. (if something was not for sale, most people would want it, go figure)
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Friday, July 9, 2010


I have posted a couple of "Vintage Ephemera Kits" on etsy. Go on over and take a peek (click on the title above, it will bring you right there) These kits can be used to make a vintage ephemera book, you can use your own vintage book cover, make a journal for yourself or give as a gift. Use these items in your scrapbooking projects and more. This kit is called "I WILL COOK AND SEW" The kit contains some of the following (see detailed description on etsy) dictionary pages, vintage sewing pattern, cut outs from vintage Home Journal Magazines, greeting cards.
Vintage lace and trims, vintage buttons, too.
Vintage wedding card, vintage cooking items.
Vintage post cards, ribbons and much more.
As always shipping in our shop is free.
Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have not blogged in a few days, other than to do a 4th blog party. I would like to catch up on some activities I have promised and share with you my family and friends 4th weekend. This is a display as you enter our home, Happy 4th Of July!!! I love my rusty ole truck!! This is someone's grammy in the Alburgh 4th of July parade. I love, love this photo.
Here is my figgy with her Emma Bean taking a ride in the pram.
Here is Brian giving Emma a ride on the four wheeler. Emma does all things humans do.
Here is our collection of sea glass. We love combing the beach for treasures. Some family members have found valuable old glass bottles and such. Notice the vintage soda bottle piece of glass. Here is a small collection of our sea glass, we love to collect it.
Here is the Missy Jean, all set up and ready for a fishing trip.
This photo ends a fantastic family day and a wonderful holiday weekend.
Here are some photos to share of our yard sale we posted a picture about, back in the spring time. It rained all day that day but it did not stop the yard sale customers, they are tough individuals to say the least.
We decided this sale we would color code for our pricing, this worked out very well. Here is our pricing. We don't price things very high. Our thinking is the lower the pricing, the more people will purchase, this does work!!
I looked over in this direction to spot this bear peaking out from the box he was sitting in all by himself. A small girl with her grammy purchased this bear he was nearly as big as she was, it was precious!!
Thanks for stopping by. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th holiday.
Michele & Minyele