Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vintage 4th of July Blog Party

Welcome to my Vintage 4th of July Blog Party. I'de like to thank Joan over at for hosting this blog party. This is one of my most favorite items to decorate. This rusty old truck. I have not had this lovely very long, I purchased it at our local auction house. I've been decorating it some but, this is the first holiday that I get to do so. The flag and President George Washington peaking out below that is actually a vintage book of stencils. It has other stencils like President Lincoln and the White House and such. I added some pipberries and an all american vintage bingo card for fun. The blue star is made of wood. This table is on our screened in porch for which I do blog about often. We love this living space and it is actually the entrance to our home. This centerpiece is on a table near our door and acts as a welcome piece when you come to visit us. This is my pine tree also just outside the door. This tree is dedicated to my dad and it is decorated at all times. It is covered with many different items, vintage bears, vintage watercans, american flag many outdoor goodies and such.
This is a vintage flag I also purchased at the local auction house. I drapped it over a very old sled.
This is a small throw I crocheted long ago. I thought it fitting for the holiday.
I hope you enjoyed a few of my decorations for the 4th of July. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday whatever it is you will be doing.
Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait to visit others to see what vintage holiday items you have.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I would like to share with you where I do most of my creating and also share with you my very latest creation. First I must thank Karen from for hosting this blog party, "Where Bloggers Create" and add that I can't wait to visit where others create as well. I truly planned to get my space organized but while down in my space I chose to create something instead, that happens alot to me!!! I create in our basement area. We turned two bedrooms into one very large closet and one office. This is my office space, I have things spread out in this area. This is where alot of my paper ephemera STuff is.... This ara is the very large closet I spoke about. My hubby made shelves that go along each wall in the room. The boxes you see are mostly gallon water jug boxes. I like the narrow shape to them and I can line them right up and fill them with all my goodies.
This is more shelving...more Stuff.
This is just more boxes.
This area is the livingroom area, this is actually a bar that I work on. I love the heigth, I prefer to stand when creating and the bar is just perfect. You can see my tea cup there, I am never without my tea while creating. (good thing I don't drink what's behind the bar, I would never get anything done)
I hope you enjoyed my creative area. I will be moving out of the livingroom area soon. As soon as we have our town wide yard sale (after cleaning out our closet room) I will be moving everything into that one area. Hubby will have to build me a bar heigth work station though. He can then have back his man room after 4 years.
This is my very latest creation (remember I didn't get my space straightened around for the blog party, I made something instead)
This is a collage made from a hard book cover so it can stand up alone. This lovely measures a large 11 1/2" x 17".
I covered the inside of the book cover with a file folder grunged with inks. You will find some of the following; a picture, torn material, coffee stained antique doily, coffee stained organiza bag with a tag of roses made from a vintage greeting card with glitter in the bag. The organiza bag is tied with stain dyed vintage lace. Cardstock checkered paper, pieces of brown paperbags, dictionary page, cutouts of flowers, bird and a cutout of antique advertisments from a vintage book, paper doily, finally more vintage lace and the frame of an antique photo card.
This collage I have named "THE COURAGE TO LOVE AGAIN"
I look forward to making more of these collaged stand alone hard book covers.
I thank you for stopping by to have a look at where I love to create. And I do LOve to create. I can't wait to visit other creative spaces.
Michele & Minyele

Monday, June 14, 2010


This is the catch of the day!! A salmon, isn't it beautiful?? It was a really nice size catch, the net is huge!!! 4+ lbs. This is the Missy Jean, ready to take us out on our fishing trip with our friends, Kevin and Pam.
This is the light house here on Isle La Motte. The only way you can see this landmark beauty is from the waters edge. This is a lake trout my hubby caught, it's a small one. We put him back to be caught another day.
This is hubby. The hat means he is in serious fishing mode.
This is an island nearby, the island island is called "Bixby" it is a wonderful little island to look at. This picture shows the fishing rods in their positions waiting for a fish to take the lure and release the pole from this position, (it's complicated)
We had a great day on the lake the weather was fantastic and so was the fishing.
Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele

Friday, June 4, 2010


On May 27th it was our 21st anniversary (happy anniversary to us!)  Hubby surprised me and brought me to a quaint town called Essex, New York.  It was not to far from our home.  I fell madly in love with the town.  When we got out of the car to go for a walk, look who had a say in the matter!! 

Here is the town's Inn, the Inn was having a little remodeling done.

This is the local icecream shop, check out the tables.
This was a sign on the side of an old building.  Check out this fence.  I wonder how long it has managed to stay there.  I loved this!!
Hubby said let's walk over this way.  Low and behold this is the restaurant he made reservations for us, (he said, "why don't you take a picture of that sign, I figured it out then.")  This is a very old anchor hanging on the wall to the Dock House.  I wouldn't mind if one of those washed up on our lake shore!!
This is a piece of boat that is actually part of the building, this place was fantastic.

This was part of the view from our dining table, that mountain is Camel's Hump in Vermont.  The food was to die for and the view was incredible.  Hubby did good with his choice of places.
Happy Anniversay to US!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Michele & Minyele