Wednesday, August 31, 2011


If you happen to follow my blog you know I live on Lake Champlain in Vermont. We own our own lake frontage, a lovely 129 feet.
Last spring we had record breaking lake levels of over 103 feet, believe me, the lake was FULL.. this level has not been seen for over one hundred years.
We had some shoreline erosion during the flooding; with high water and wind storms it was very bothersome to say the least.
With this said, I had not been down to our beach until just a few days ago. I figured I should go down and do my yearly treasure finding walk. In the spring time with normal high water, treasures tend to wash up on shore.
This is me and Mr. Nook on the four wheeler on the shore.
This is our little beach house up in the trees. North of our property I was walking in the waters edge where I noticed this little old bottle, how excited I was. Look, more I thought, I sure am lucky this year in my treasure hunting. I felt Lucky to have found several old bottles but discouraged to discover the reason for finding the bottles. I discovered a dump site in a very high bank. This dump site is not on our property, thank goodness!!
Remember I mentioned we had the very high water??
Well, it had eroded a bank, the dirt washed away uncovering this bottle dump.
I found several treasures and was happy for this.
There are a lot more bottles sitting up in the bank (cliff actually)
I am sure more will come down with heavy rains.
Notice this one still stuck in the bank. Mr Nook says; we should not dig at the bank it may come down more.
These are the bottles I have taken home and are in the process of cleaning.
Some of the bottles I plan to look up on the Internet.
Some are old medicine bottles.
A large Clorox bottle. This very rusty piece is a top to a coffee grinder.
I have a love for old and vintage bottles. I use them a lot in vignettes all over my home.
I have more cleaning to do, but this is a good start.
The next day the lake is really calm I will be walking the waters edge again, the water is where I found most of the small bottles.
I just know there is one fantastic treasure yet to be found.
I will be speaking to the Select Board members of our town in reference to this issue. Thanks for stopping by
I am linking up with Debra over at Common Ground for Inspiration Friday.  Go on over for some vintage inspiration there is lots there.

Monday, August 29, 2011


These are some plants I just recently purchased at my local grocery store for $2.00 each.
I re-potted them and have been nurturing them daily. These plants have already grown quite a bit.
I have also been making some sun tea on the sundeck rail. I plan to see what these plants will do by October 8th just in time for my Figgy's baby shower, notice the pink color in the plant. I think these will be just fantastic in our decorating theme of woodland whimsical, don't you?? I have myself a beautiful vase of flowers to admire. I am so enjoying the cooler temperatures the last few days, makes me happy!! This vase sits right beside me while I'm working on the computer doing some blog posting for the next several days. I like to get several posts ready at once, post date them and then I am ready to go for several days. Oh, I am also enjoying a glass of my sun tea, just yummy... Thanks for stopping by. Michele

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I am wondering if anyone else is having follower problems?
For quite some time now, the little pictures of my followers are not showing up. On my dashboard I can see there are 113 followers but I can't see any of them.
I have visited other blogs and want to follow, same issue.
This makes it so one can't follow for there is not link to click on to sign up.
Can anyone enlighten me??
I thank you in advance.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I wanted to share with you what I will be working on in the next few weeks.
Halloween and fall/harvest time is fast approaching.
Fall is myAlign Center Favorite time of year, I just love it.
I signed up for a swap (yup, another swap) over at Vintage Dragonfly
this swap is for a large size matchbox filled with Halloween goodies.
Four of the goodies have to be handmade.

Sign ups for this swap end on August 31, hurry if you want to join in on all the spooky fun.

Project two....

I will be having more Halloween fun over at Bliss Angels

This fun will start with a Halloween themed Altoids tin.

Sign ups end on August 30.

Hurry over to Bliss Angels to sign up if your interested. Project three

Just recently I have been busy creating dolls (see that post here) for a swap over at

Roses On My Table

This is a creative site you can join, I joined several months ago and love it.

The paper doll swap is called Le Papier Doll Swap. Requirements are to create two dolls 8-12" long. A monthly theme is given, this past theme was "back to school".

The next theme is Halloween themed dolls.

Hurry on over if you'd like to join in.

That about finishes up what I will be creating next.
I will post my creations when done.
What creations are on your mind or worktable???
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Look what my postal lady dropped off a few days ago.
I joined in a recipe mini album swap over at Bella Creations
If you would like to share you art and creations this is the place to do it.
A wonderful community and a fun place to be involved.
The person that sent this mini album to me is Starr.
Thanks so much again Starr, I so love all the vintage goodies.
Starr included this beautiful card for me. I love the colors of the pages.
I just love the vintage inspired little tags and such.
This is a large mini that I can just fill to the brim with many recipes.
I made a recipe mini album for Lacee, you can see that post here
I will get many years of use out of my recipe album.
Did I ever tell you, I love a good swap??
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I wanted to share more pink whimsy for the baby shower.There are plans for these, more later on... Coordinating garland
Baby pine cones, too cute!! Going to add in some elegant as well.
Two vases with tall grass for our woodland. Pink and magenta napkins, remember the invitation?
You can see the invitation in a prior post.
Basket full of goodies for the drawing, bring a package of diapers for a ticket for the drawing. I don't want to show any of the goodies in case anyone is looking.
A little more items for my plans.
All of the silk flowers and pics and such were on sale at Michael's and also had a coupon for 25% off (includes sale items) yipeeee, love a sale.
Thanks for stopping by.
Did I tell you I love pink??

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have created these paper dolls for a swap.
The swap is over at Roses On My Table
The swap is called "Le Papier Doll Swap"
I do believe they have a paper doll swap each month, next month is Halloween.....wonder what I will do for that????
The following doll swap is Christmas, this one will be wonderful. I already have some ideas for this one. This month the theme is School.
This paper doll is called; "First Day of School"
Using this template I found here
and an image of a face from my collection of photographs, I set out to make my first paper doll.
Using scraps of this and that, vintage lace and trims of course (did I ever tell you I love lace and trims?) ;) I can't forget a little bit of bling.. I think this young student loves her new outfit for the "First Day of School" In this swap we are required to make two (2) paper dolls. This one is called "Music Class" Notice her music note tights!! Sweet pink skirt. This is vintage trim died pink.
This young student loves her scarfs and flowers in her hair.
She loves to go to school making a statement all her own.
I had a fantastic time making these paper dolls.
Why don't you give one a try??
Thanks for stopping by.
ps, I will post when I create the Halloween paper doll.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I've just got to share my plans and excitement over planning for my Figgy's baby girl shower.

I will share more as time goes along.

The shower is for October 8th.

This is the invite, without the text, so cute hah??

The plan is to recreate this little baby out of paper and have her floating around on balloons all over the rooms.
I found this image of the bird on the Internet, sorry can't remember where or who it belongs to.
I will be making birds like this, some of them will be tied to the balloons as well.

The theme is woodland whimsical; woodland baby creatures.

I will be using pink and magenta balloons along with same color flowers, moss and trees made from tree branches and twigs for the woodland part.

Some fun baby girl card stock papers for making tickets for a drawing in exchange for a package of diapers, love this.
I will post again as my plans progress.
I love pink!!!
Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I found this on Etsy the other day.
I love this and think I will....Make a box just like this with yard sticks.
What do you think???
Here is the link to the owner of the box
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 12, 2011