Friday, June 29, 2012


I thought I would share with you some photographs on and around Lake Champlain.
This is what it looks like on Mr. Nook's boat when he goes fishing.  Mr. Nook fishes for lake trout and is pretty good at it.
 Calm waters,

 This island is called "Cloak Island"
The adirondacks mountains are in the back.

Have you ever seen a rock so round??

This is a blue herring.
 Notice the seagull on the top.

Check out the date on the bottom of this poster.

The lighthouse here on Isle La Motte
 It looks like the sails are drying???

I hope you enjoyed the little bit of water fun.
Mr. Nook and I plan on spending some relaxing time down on our beach this weekend, celebrating our independence day.  
I will be taking photos and will share later on.
Have a 

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have been checking out IPICCY, the photo editing website.
I don't think I am very good at this sort of thing, guess I don't have the patience it takes to learn something new.
This is a greeting card I liked that was in one of the boxes I purchased at a yard sale.
 This is what I did with it on IPICCY
I like the way it turned out.
I am thinking I would like to use this image for some gift tags...
I will be trying out a few more things and will share when I do.

Do you do any photo editing?
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Thursday, June 21, 2012


I want to share with all of you, a fun swap that is going on over at Something Special, The Vintage Summer Hat Box Swap.
Head on over to visit Michele at her blog to learn about all the details.
Can you imagine getting a hat box full of vintage goodies, I can!!!!
I know summer time may be a busy time,  but just imagine all the vintage goodies that will be waiting for you for the fall and winter months of creating..
Hurry now, there is a deadline for signing up.
Let Michele know I sent you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I wanted to share my latest yard sale finds.
These little vintage holiday ornaments are so darling, the little girl and boys legs are bendable.  Look at the sweet smile on the cat's face.
The soft pink tea cup and saucer I will be using for a holiday swap later on this year.  
I am thinking pink and gold holiday...

 Here was the score for the day.
Notice the black onyx ring, pure gold and a tiny diamond, $2 whole dollars, the bracelet was $2, too.

 I thought these little swede shoes were darling and would look great with a redo in my style.
I will share when I have completed.

 These linens were free for the people having the sale called it quits and went inside.

 I love this tray.
I also love all sorts of greeting cards.
The plant I purchased at our local grocery store for a planter that I'll show you later in the post.

 Three more boxes of vintage greeting cards, and another plant.

 A day for trays I guess.
This will be perfect for the holidays with my granddaughter getting old enough to enjoy such things.

 I do not know costume jewelry very well, I think these clip on earrings are made of glass.
I will use in an art project sometime along, maybe the holiday tea cup??

 This is why I wanted a couple of plants.
This bucket sits outside and greets our visitors as they come up the steps to the house.

My little glass bird and my vintage doorknob sits in the dirt.
I had a wonderful time at the yard sales, it had been awhile sense I had been to any.
What kind of finds have you brought home lately?
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Sunday, June 17, 2012


We have a new neighbor...
While doing dishes last night I looked out the window to see Mr. Rabbit.
Look how cute he is.

The pictures were taken through the window.
 Later on I put out some lettuce and some carrots, he has not came back yet.
I believe he/she lives around here close by, in the winter months I see rabbit tracks in the snow.
I so love the wild life, they take the best pictures don't you think?
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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I thought I would share once again our summer living space.  A very large screened in area that has added much more living space to the whole house.
Each year I like to mix it up a little bit with creating different vignettes, basically using the same items or maybe just adding a little something new if that is the case.
You can see our summer living space posts from other years, here, and here.

Here is the dining table that is close to the door to the house.   This table displays one of the welcome signs "welcome to the lake"
Sometimes we eat here or sometimes we eat with our trays in front of the TV.
 This is actually a very antique refrigerator.  I love this piece.
My vintage suitcase filled with some of my favorite items.  My suitcase sat on the dining table last year.

 I picked up a couple of burlap bags in the last year.  Have I ever told you I LOVE burlap??
 This is my Figgy's wooden rocker for when she was a wee little girl, she is all grown  up now and has a baby of her own.

 A vintage dust pan made of copper and brass.  This belonged to my father-in-law.
 I love collecting little bottles from the shoreline.
Check out the post of the bottle dump on the shore if you have not seen that, too much darn fun!!!
That old rusty piece is the top of a coffee grinder.  Mr Nook found this treasure for me, it is actually stunning has a lot of detail under all that rust.
Once again we are enjoying our summer living space.  We spend nearly every moment on our porch.  
Do you have a porch or an outdoor living space that you can  enjoy??
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Altered CDVS Book

I joined a swap of altered cdv's over at Vintage Dragonfly
Five altered cdv's came back to me in a book put together by JoAnne.
If you follow my blog you know I am always up for a good swap.
I thank JoAnne for being a wonderful host and all of the ladies that created these wonderful cdv's.

Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Late spring, early summer you will find lots of ducks around here.
The Canadian geese have had their young.

 One has to yield to the ducks around here...


These are mallard ducks and they mate for life, pretty special..

Mama and her youngsters.  I so love to see this.

Do you get a chance to see ducks where you live?
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