Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Have you ever altered an egg carton?
Well, it is great fun, you should give it a try!
As promised I am sharing my altered egg carton with you.  This is for a swap partner over at An Altered Place, great fun over there indeed!

I filled the egg with goodies for my swap partner, Cissy.
I also included this organza bag filled with more goodies for her.

This is the altered egg carton I received from her.
The minute I opened up the box that arrived the fun began, there was a chocolate egg, which I ate right away :) and other surprises waiting for me.  Wrapped ever so carefully there was this.
Look at all of this spring goodness and the sweet bird.
Thanks Cissy so much.

This is what was inside, all the eggs were filled with such wonderful items.
A few posts ago I shared my Altered Egg Carton Pinterest Board, there are some amazing egg cartons to see there.  If you did not see it yet here is the link.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014


My Easter basket is on the dining room table.
This basket is from my Mr. Nook's boss from about 25 years ago.
It is quite large around but very shallow, I love this basket.
This pink and blue egg is actually a metal wind-up music box, I purchased this at a yard sale many many years ago, probably for pennies I am sure, I am frugal like that.

This plant I purchased a few days ago at the grocery store and decided to put it right inside the basket along with the other items.

One of my owls and some other items are found in the basket.

I don't do much decorating for Easter really, less is more sometimes.
Do you have a favorite basket you like to get out around Easter?
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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Yes, eggs do come in the mail, if you are in an altered paper mache swap they do!!
This is an egg from my partner, Peggy.
This swap was through Mixed Media Artist Guild
You can see the egg I altered for Peggy here.

This is the inside of the egg.

This is what was in the egg.
A hand stitched egg and bunny and this beautiful spring bracelet.
Thanks again Peggy.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We took a little road trip to Lake Placid New York with Cindy and Carl.
Lake Placid is not to far from where we live, maybe an hour and a half.
This boat will probably not make it through the melting and movement of the ice come in another few days.  What a shame indeed.

Here was a box of antique skates and such on the sidewalk of the tiny village of Lake Placid.

Village moose to great you all...

Here is a picture moment on our way over.  The Adirondack mountains are always a pleasure to look at.

Just beautiful indeed!
Cindy and Carl are visiting with us for a couple of weeks, it is always so wonderful to have them with us.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014


I really do love creating with a peat pot.  I have done a few of these in the past, you can see those herehere and here
This Easter/Spring peat pot belongs to my swap partner for a swap at Vintage Dragonfly Yahoo Group.
While in Lowe's a few weeks ago with my friend Dale, I saw these larger size peat pots and thought, oh boy!

Here is the back.

Do you notice her spring time bonnet??
The dark pink roses you see are dried roses, perfect for this pot.
I really had a fantastic time creating this, I could create these all day long....
Head on over to your local Lowe's and get yourself some peat pots, put whatever you would like into them, they are a load of fun and the possibilities are endless.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I altered a paper mache egg for a swap at Altered Place.
I decoupaged a paper napkin on the top cover, these napkins I found at JoAnn's Fabric.

I filled it with goodies for my swap partner.
 I ended up ordering this paper mache egg online, I was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of my egg, I purchased two.  I am not sure as to what I will be doing with my extra egg, I will share with you if I come up with something.
 Here is the site if you are interested in paper mache eggs and other great stuff:  Hofcraft
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Friday, April 4, 2014


Our Lil O came to spend a weekend with us a short time ago.
I wanted to share a few of her most favorite things to do while visiting her Nana and Papa.
She loves watching TV with her Papa, this is how she loves to sit, comfy seating don't you think?

Loves to play with her doll house and all the pieces, the best 3$ her mommy every spent at a yard sale last year.  This has been so enjoyable for her.

Corn and beans in a water table toy, life is good!!

Playing in a fort.

It is spring so we decided to go outside to take advantage of it.  There my be snow on the ground, but the swing still works the same.  Look at these smiles.  Nana loves capturing these moments, precious indeed!

A little ride in the sled.

A couple of spins on the slide.

Nana and Papa wore our Lil O out come Sunday afternoon.  Mr Moose and Lil O taking a much needed nap.
We so love having our grand baby over, she is the best!
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