Thursday, May 27, 2010


Back in my trip to the auction post, I said I would post the journals when I was done. These are two of the pages from the photograph album I posted earlier. I love these pages sooo much. Using a blank notebook, I glued the page from the album and started to collage. Much to my delight, here are the two finished journals.
The detail and colors on these pages is fantastic. They are also very thick and heavy.
Using copies of some antique images I have in my collection seemed to blend well with the pages.
These journals are going to our local coffee shop here on the Island. This weekend is Memorial Weekend, the tourist will be coming.
Look for more journals using more from my antique photo album. I will post a couple in my shop on etsy and on my shop here:
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Michele & Minyele

Sunday, May 23, 2010


My friend Pam and I spent the afternoon at the local auction while the boyfriends fished for the big one in a fishing derby. I bid on the Aunt Dinah box but in my frugalness I let it slip away. Oh well, maybe next time. Here are some of my finds for the day. I loved this old rusty truck as soon as I saw it. I waited with much patience for it to come up. I would like to build a wooden box for the back of the truck. I so love this truck.
I purchased an old photograph album of someone's ancestors. Who gets rid of this stuff anyways?? I wanted to show you some of the fantastic pages, look at the boarders, I love it. I will be doing some journals with parts from this album using the boards and such. I can't wait to start crafting. Look for them in our etsy shop and our blog shoppe
This item is a cabbage cutter. Will find a place in my kitchen in the next few days.
Here is more of the album and my newest ancestors.
I hope you enjoyed the finds from the auction.
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Michele & Minyele

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I've been on the road again, me and my camera. This dog is waiting for it's owner to come back in from his boat ride. I am sure he is wondering why he couldn't go this time?? Here is a beaver walking up the road near our house. He is looking for the water and a tree to knaw on.
These gas pumps are located in St. Albans Vermont. If you look really close you will see this sale is a whopping $1.12 I think. That would not buy you a drop of gas today.
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Michele & Minyele

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Fun button garland. Use these button garlands on mini trees, drape across your shabby chic dresser. Tie back your drapes/curtains/window scrafs, etc.Use button garland to wrap up your dinner napkins for special dinners or lunches. Use for that special finishing touch on your gift wrapping.
Use just about anywhere you would like to, the possibilities are endless.
Let us know what you think of our new button garland by leaving us a comment below. We love comments.
You can find our buttons in our etsy shop here:
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've been exploring again, just me and my camera. This is some of what I found in my travels. I wish I had a few old bicycles around so I could do this for my own yard. Maybe I will find some for sale in all of my travels. Of course they would have to come with baskets. These are Blue Heron's. We see alot of these around Lake Champlain. They are great at fishing. I am sure that is what he is looking for.
I had to stop the car for this. I was glad I had my camera. These ducks do everything as a family!!
This is a sign on a very old covered bridge. I will share the covered bridge at a later date. I think this sign has been here for a very long time, don't you??
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Michele & Minyele

Monday, May 3, 2010


I mentioned in an earlier post I would post when I finished up with our summer living space. I have finally finished. The tree here is the same tree I posted during the holidays. I have once again decided to (no I HAVE decided not to get rid of this tree for sentimental reasons) so you may see it again and again in some of my posts. I will probably decorate it for the seasons and holidays, so stay tuned. Thinking of you Dad!!My tree has many different items; little bears, baskets, hornet nest, bird nests, wooden bowls, american flag, fishing poles, pinecones, bears in laddles, driftwood signs and much more. Oh, and it has lights for night time.
Here is another picture of the same end of the porch as before. I have added some different things. A crocheted spread on the couch and my daughter's old desk. Minyele spent many hours playing on this desk. Notice the wooden rocker on the floor on the right, that is her rocker as well.
This little space has some antique wooden shoe things and an old tea kettle. I love old tea kettles. The cupboard belonged to my Aunt Ida. I think this little cupboard is so wonderful.
I am pleased with our summer living space. As long as the weather stays warm, this is where you will find me.
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Michele & Minyele

Sunday, May 2, 2010


In celebration of the Kentucky Derby, I would like to share some of my photographs of vintage hats. If you like pastel green this one would be for you.
Love this bright yellow one!! How about some matching shoes..
This one is fantastic.
Here are some all grouped together.
What hat could you see yourself wearing at the Kentucky Derby? I would pick one that was very large and had lots of feathers.
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Michele & Minyele