Thursday, May 24, 2012


Thought I would share with you a few photos from my last trip to our local auction house.
This trip I didn't purchase anything, sometimes I don't.
 Just look at this sad little piano, I think it got a lot of use in the day??
 I just love these old glass jars.
I have one in my kitchen that I keep my most treasured antique cookie cutters in.
 I did bid on this old doctor's bag, I am very frugal you know.  I do believe it sold for 50-60 dollars, more than I was willing to spend.
I do so love going to our local auction house.
I love the thrill of what will be coming out for bid next.  The hard part is one doesn't have to long to decide if one wants the item and what would one do with it once you got it home.
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Another little article from my favorite magazine.
"She was in the pink"

In 1929, when I was 8,  my mother bought my brother and me each a big box of crayons, with extra shades such as lime green, maroon and lavender.
Best of all, there was pink.  Oh, how I loved that pink crayon.  I liked to touch and smell it, but best of all, just hold it and look at it.
I never used the pink crayon.  At the end of the school year, when we took home our school supplies, our crayons were broken nubbins, except for my pink one.
Then I saw that my brother's pink crayon was also unused.  I told him I kept my pink crayon like new because it was my favorite.
He said he didn't use his because he didn't like pink, and anyway, there was never anything to color pink.  Then he gave it to me.
Oh, joy! I colored pink all summer.  And pink is still my favorite color.
(Charlotte Shane, Chillicothe, Illinois)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


A while ago I took my first walk on the beach of the season, 
I love, love to do this.  
I am always excited to find new treasures,  I was lucky enough to find just a few this year.

A tiny perfume bottle
 A handle that broke off from some sort of pottery

 Sole of an old shoe.  I always seem to find soles of old shoes.  I wonder, how long has the shoe been in the water, how did the shoe get in the water in the first place.  Is the shoe actually old enough to have fallen from a ship passing through many years ago.
 This is what I do with some of my findings.
I love to include them in vignettes around the house.
Some of these bottles I found in the bottle dump last year.
You can see that fascinating post here.
I was unable to walk to the bottle dump on this trip, the water was to high and to cold, burhhhh!!

 Another vignette of sea (lake) glass from our beautiful shore of Lake Champlain

When I visit the bottle dump again I will post my findings, can't wait.
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Friday, May 18, 2012


A few days ago I was puttering around in my craft room and came upon a folder of vintage sewing/needle craft books and magazines.  
I love to purchase these vintage items at yard sales and rummage sales when I get the opportunity to do so.
Let me tell you about the folder first.  In order to keep most of my ephemera in some sort of order, I purchased plastic crates (Staples) that are actually file boxes.  Hanging file folders hang in the box as if it were in a file cabinet.  These plastic crates line two of the walls of the floor under shelving in the room.  Every now and again I go rummaging around in these files for I forget over time what is in these folders.
 I found this fun magazine and I thought I would share a few pages with you.
The date is July, 1953
 It is full of advertisements for selling greeting cards.
These greeting cards, a lot of us look for today.  I don't know about you but I love it when I find these vintage wonders.
 Back 59 years ago doily's were being used on the canning jars.
The article is called "Winning Tips for Fair Exhibitors"
Some things do not change to much even after 59 years.
 This section is dedicated to those writing in with ideas.  If yours is used you will be paid $2.
Foot stools made from cans and an empty 6 pound shortening can painted yellow and clippings of cookie recipes adhered, to match a friends kitchen decor.  This woman was paid to make four more for her friends and sold them for $2.50 each.
Lots of recycling done back then as well.
 A flower corner for a hankie.  This article has the crochet instructions.
If you would like me to send the instructions to you, let me know in a comment.

 Look at this table cloth, amazing don't you think?
The instructions are included for this as well.  Each medallion measures about 3" in diameter it states.
 I thought this was a fun advertisement.
This book is packed full of fun and interesting items, I so love these books and enjoy everything about them.

Do you collect books/magazines like these?
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Let me just say, WHOA, I loved this swap.
JoAnne from Vintage Dragonfly was once again our hostess for a Partners Choice Matchbox Swap
This time we got to make a list of all the things we love and would love to receive.
If you have followed my blog you would know how much I love birds, I love birds...
Is this bird not fantastic or what?
 Lots of bird cutouts and vintage playing cards with birds.
Do you notice the peacock?  I so love this piece of beauty.

 This brown bird is made from wood, I love this, too.

 Lovely vintage doilies and a tiny bird nest with some bling sitting in there.
If you'd be interested in some fun swaps you should check out JoAnne's blog she has one going on, nearly on a regular basis.  Maybe, just maybe you would receive a bird like mine.
Thanks again JoAnne.
If you love birds, what is your favorite?
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Monday, May 14, 2012


On May 5th our precious granddaughter Olivia Brooke was blessed by her family and friends.
This is Brian her daddy, Minyele her mommy and our dear friend Norma.
Norma lead our prayers, poems and good wishes for our Lil O

When our blessing ceremony was over everyone blew bubbles for Olivia and for each other.

We feared rain but the sun shined brightly for our special day.
Following the blessing we had a luncheon.

Using a few of our special creations from the baby shower (you can see that post here)
I saved the pink and  magenta painted acorns from the baby shower and used them in the bottom of this large jar.

Different size ball jars and antique bottles were filled with spring flowers and tiny pink roses.  
(Olivia's other grandmother created all the flower arrangements, thanks Mary)
Everything was so pretty, this was the theme her mommy wanted for the blessing.
We used silverware with roses from our local church and miss matched china plates (all flowers) were purchased from local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores.
 Some special touches like ribbons around the ball jar drinking glasses I got my inspiration from Pinterest.
You can follow me here on that site
 Olivia's mommy wanted to have a tree for Olivia with everyone putting their fingerprint somewhere on the tree.
The tree was drawn by her daddy

 Using paper lace doily's I created cones for our sweet potato chips.
Pretty for Olivia...
 Some desserts
 I found these resin baby shoes at Creative Habitat.
Cute hah?
Our special day was more than we could of imagined.
When Olivia's family gets together there is such love and happiness it would make any gathering/celebration more special than the next.
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