Wednesday, August 31, 2011


If you happen to follow my blog you know I live on Lake Champlain in Vermont. We own our own lake frontage, a lovely 129 feet.
Last spring we had record breaking lake levels of over 103 feet, believe me, the lake was FULL.. this level has not been seen for over one hundred years.
We had some shoreline erosion during the flooding; with high water and wind storms it was very bothersome to say the least.
With this said, I had not been down to our beach until just a few days ago. I figured I should go down and do my yearly treasure finding walk. In the spring time with normal high water, treasures tend to wash up on shore.
This is me and Mr. Nook on the four wheeler on the shore.
This is our little beach house up in the trees. North of our property I was walking in the waters edge where I noticed this little old bottle, how excited I was. Look, more I thought, I sure am lucky this year in my treasure hunting. I felt Lucky to have found several old bottles but discouraged to discover the reason for finding the bottles. I discovered a dump site in a very high bank. This dump site is not on our property, thank goodness!!
Remember I mentioned we had the very high water??
Well, it had eroded a bank, the dirt washed away uncovering this bottle dump.
I found several treasures and was happy for this.
There are a lot more bottles sitting up in the bank (cliff actually)
I am sure more will come down with heavy rains.
Notice this one still stuck in the bank. Mr Nook says; we should not dig at the bank it may come down more.
These are the bottles I have taken home and are in the process of cleaning.
Some of the bottles I plan to look up on the Internet.
Some are old medicine bottles.
A large Clorox bottle. This very rusty piece is a top to a coffee grinder.
I have a love for old and vintage bottles. I use them a lot in vignettes all over my home.
I have more cleaning to do, but this is a good start.
The next day the lake is really calm I will be walking the waters edge again, the water is where I found most of the small bottles.
I just know there is one fantastic treasure yet to be found.
I will be speaking to the Select Board members of our town in reference to this issue. Thanks for stopping by
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artistamyjo said...

What a wonderful find !
Lucky, lucky you!
We were stationed in Plattsburg NY 75 to 77 when hubby was still in the AF. Lake Champlain was a beautiful spot.

Donna said...

Great find! about 100 years ago (when I was married} we use to go dump digging for old bottles. One blue that I had, kept it all these years, I sold it one ebay few yrs ago got 95$ for it.Be sure and check then out!

Halle said...

How cool of a find was that!

Vicki said...

What fun finds. Maybe you guys can do a dig and then place other objects to fight the erosion?

Kathy said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I understand about not making the errosion worse but I don't think I could resist digging that site. Wow!!!! I am not a bottle collector by any means but I do recommend you do some research on the ones you have. I recently picked up a medicine bottle at the thrift store and sold it on eBay for about a 4000% markup. The right ones are pretty collectible.

Miss Kitty said...

Your story is so VERY interesting! I love old-looking bottles too and YOU have the real thing. What a fortunate find for you. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures. I saw your post over a "Common Ground".

Janet said...

How amazing to find all those vintage bottles! Such great finds!

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

GREAT finds! I love those bottles!


Bohemian said...

Ah, you've discovered Bottle Heaven! *winks* What an exciting Treasure Hunt this would be! We've often found old Dump Sites in our Desert Treks and some go back to Mining & Cowboy days so its always fun to discover the Treasures that can be scored and brought back to life! I noticed some of the bottles have a beautiful Rainbow Patina on them now, those would be my favs!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Anne said...

Oh how I love BOTTLES! I have a collection of them myself. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a great Sunday!