Thursday, September 29, 2011


A quick post to show you my latest on the baby shower.
Pink acorns, have you ever??For the new followers-a whimsical woodland-baby girl-pink baby shower is in the works for October 8th. Thanks for stopping by. Michele

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Packages keep showing up on the porch!
I have been mentioning lately that I joined in on a few Halloween themed swaps.
This tin swap was created by Wendy over at Bliss Angels My swap partner is Donnely over at Blue Rose Goddess Arts
This tin is titled "She Seemed So Sweet"
I love the use of the twigs, you know me, I love nature items. I love the yellow webbing used here, looks spooky and rustic.
A big thanks to Donnely for my Halloween Tin.
Also included in my package is this wallet. Love the colors. My next package left on the porch is from Gerri at Flicker This swap was created by JoAnn over at Vintage Dragonfly
This swap was for a Halloween themed large matchbox.
Have I ever mentioned, I love a great swap??
Gerri made this Trick or Treat banner, love this.
A spooky tag, yikes is right. These are actually two playing cards, sorry forgot that pic.
This is the matchbox.
A big thanks goes to Gerri. You can see my matchbox to Gerri here
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Saturday, September 24, 2011


Sometimes the sweetest looking children can be made scary looking when creating for Halloween, this has always amazed me!!! Thanks for stopping by. Michele

Thursday, September 22, 2011


While going through some of my Halloween stash from years past I discovered my beloved crows.
Made from burlap and stuffed, these crows are great fun to make.Dress them up in anything that you like. Halloween is a great theme for these crows along with Christmas as well. A tag I made for yet another swap. This image is a great uncle of Mr. Nook's.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, Tuesday is my Birthday once again.
The years certainly do fly right by, don't they?
My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Carl are coming from Nevada for a week for some family time and my Birthday celebration.
We have plans so far to visit the 1000 Islands in New York State.
Mr. Nook and I discovered this area for our Anniversary back in late May.
You can see that post here and here
We liked it so much in Alexandra New York, we asked Cindy and Carl if they would want to go there, yes!
We thought Cindy would like to see the Boldt Caste.
We will take a leisure ride over there through the Adirondacks, stopping at roadside markets and pumpkin patches, (one of my favorite things to do) just see what we can see, oh yea, maybe a junk sale or two!!!
We will spend a night in town then the next day take the boat tour down Million Dollar Row and tour the castle.
I will post about our trip after our time with family.
Other than this plan, Mr. Nook and Carl will do a day of fishing, they both enjoy this....
Cindy and I will go into town to do some baby shopping for our Figgy and have a little luncheon and a mini baby shower celebration.
Well, I can't wait to get my family time started, just a few more hours and they will be here.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Our local farmer's market and Teddy Roosevelt day was Saturday September 17th. You see, back many moons ago, Teddy Roosevelt was visiting Fisk Farm here on Isle La Motte when the then president was shot. Needless to say Teddy had to cut his visit short and get back to Washington to take over as President.
Every year the Isle La Motte Historical Society and The Preservation Trust sponsor Teddy Roosevelt day with celebration all over the island.
There is apple picking and cider pressing at the local apple orchard. Hayrides and a corn maze for young and old. The local farmer's market or course. A parade with antique automobiles, horses, school children and of course Teddy himself on horseback (local resident).
We even have our four legged friends come out for celebration.
Produce vendors.
Local jewelry makers. Love her display..
Who doesn't love a bird house?
I love these.
I even brought some home for a vase.
This is what I created for the market.
Marsh mellows dipped in white chocolate dipped in orange and black sprinkles along with fun Halloween sprinkles.
Kids went crazy for these.
In two weeks there will be a Hall's Orchard-Hall's Harvest Day.
I plan on making a whole lot more of these. I might get a little more creative with some spooky worms and such, what do you think?
These are Barb's peppers from her garden.
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Friday, September 16, 2011


Halloween will be here soon, yahoooo!!!
I have joined in on a few Halloween themed swaps.
Have I ever mentioned "I love a great swap"?
This swap and our host is Wendy over at Bliss Angels, fly on over to check out her blog, she is a Halloween goddess!!
This is an altold tin.Halloween is such a fun holiday to craft. Look at the expressions on these children.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have been busy with more baby shower activities. If you have been following along, my Figgy is having a baby girl in December.
I am a proud Nana that will be hosting a baby shower on October 8th.
I will be doing all of the decorations myself and other fun and whimsy stuff!
I have made bird tags to give all that attend as a thank you gift.
I started with an image of a beautiful bird from this book a friend gave to me earlier this summer. You can see that post here, the pages of birds in this book are truly amazing, take a peek!
I used this image for the bird on the tags. Using a large size tag I began to create. Starting with the tag I painted them three different colors, see picture of paints below. This paint is pearled. The photos are not picking up the pearl colors on the tags no matter what I do.
I then cut up miscellaneous pieces of vintage doily's and glued to the tag.
I included some of the leaves with the bird and glittered the pink flowers magenta.
I glued the bird to the doily. The bird has a real feather as a tail. I located flower type items from my stash of vintage trims and such and adhered these on along with a splash of trim along the bottom
I finished off the tag with a piece of long vintage lace, beige and pink for hanging. For a special touch I added a small twig that the bird rests on.
I had so much fun creating these little whimsy bird tags. I think they will go along nicely with our woodland whimsy pink and magenta theme don't you? Pretty pink and sweetness for a little baby girl!!!!
These little bird tags will be waiting for our guests in this pink paper bag. The bag will also consist of game papers and instructions and such for our games and drawings for fun prizes for all.
More whimsy shower preparations to come, stay tuned.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011


I made this vintage advertisement frame awhile back.
I purchased a whole box lot full of old recipe cards and these advertisements. I think the Grammy that owned them saved them from cans and boxes for each one actually has a recipe on it.
Taking a large picture frame I started collaging these on the frame.
Notice the very vintage kool aid envelope. Actual Nestle chocolate chip envelopes. I was so thrilled when I came upon the box lot at a yard sale. I think I paid two bucks.
I have used a lot of these similar/same items while making a recipe mini scrap album for a swap I was in. You can see that post here.
I love making those mini's!!!!
Actually this is not in my kitchen, it is on the porch.
A hornet nest I found blown down the other day. I love collecting these, I have a few of them.
Back to the kitchen goodies. This is a small collection of jello molds. The rooster is real copper. Two of the fish are antiques. This vintage mixer I purchased at the local auction house. I removed the cord, I use it to hold this plant. An old Sunbeam mixer, love it!! I hope there is not dust up there??
I am linking up with Debra over at Common Ground for Inspiration Friday (click on the link on side bar).
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This antique mailbox came from Jim's house, Mr. Nook's father.
The mailbox is heavy, it is made from steel.It sits here for now on the sill on the screened in porch.
I will have Mr. Nook hang on a wall somewhere, I just have not been able to pick the right spot yet.
I am leaning towards the wall by the door to the house. This way I can use it as a decorative planter of items for each season and holidays and such.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011


I just had to post about the new Flea Market Style magazine I purchased a few days ago (fall/winter 2011 edition)
I usually do not spend $10.00 on a magazine unless it is Somerset Studio, but I did. The best ten bucks I have spent in awhile.
Look at these pages, I can hardly stand this.
Do you notice this is a clock? Well let me tell you. I sit at a local auction house on Saturdays once in awhile and these vintage saws come out a lot, no one wants them. Well the next time there (I will go next Saturday) I will be bidding on these so Mr. Nook and I can make one of these for the house.
I can't wait!!!Can you STAND this!!!
I love this..
I have a collection of vintage and antique kitchen utensils. These items mostly sit in containers around the kitchen.
I will be doing this real soon. I am thinking I will have Mr. Nook make two or three of these.
I am thinking a nice piece of old barn board will be good for the back plate for this, don't you?
Get the heck out.... Will you get a load of this... I will be asking Mr. Nook to make me one of these as well.
I have several maple syrup cans around to use for this.
I knew I would find some sort of inspiration for them, this is it.
This is so fantastic, too.
I will put up a few of these in the bathroom.
Some people are just so crafty, then there are people that come up with these fantastic ideas.
I thank the people of Flea Market Style magazine for all of this inspiration.
You should go out and get this magazine, it is so wonderful.
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Friday, September 2, 2011


Have you ever glitter a mushroom?I plan to try to glitter a real mushroom for my Figgy's baby shower.
The theme is woodland whimsical, you know moss, tree, flowers, mushrooms, etc.
I am going to paint some acorns (bottoms only) with these two pink colors.
Baby pink and magenta are the two colors of the invite (see invite post here) and the balloons too.
I will also be painting some terracotta pots these colors. Paper clips for paper items in guests' bags.
Some entertaining items from Crate and Barrel, I will share that later on. Probably a pink punch!!! Thanks for stopping by. Have a sunshine day! Michele