Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Minyele and I took a day trip to Plattsburgh, New York a few weekends back, just the two of us. We ate lunch at one of Minyele's favorite places to eat. Then off to do some errands, shopping and more. We noticed a sign "going out of business" just our kind of sale. Happened to be an antique shop. I usually don't go anywhere without my camera. After asking permission to take some photos these items we found of great interest, go figure... Look at this darling little sewing machine, love it! How come there is always just one of something that you think you just have to have?? I love this, if there were more, they would be in my kitchen cupboard right now.
I loved the color of this thread, interesting. This sure is alot of thread for someones project.
We both had a great day together and were also able to take some pics to share with all of you.
Michele & Minyele

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have decided to return back to some original techniques, grunge... this original mixed media collage, titled "TIDY" is made with a very antique book cover, the lady is an original page from a book. The antique doily and vintage lace is grunged with coffee, the vintage biege and pink lace is embellished with pink glitter. There is also a vintage pink button. The word "TIDY" is on the dictionary page along with cutouts of a butterfly and roses from greeting cards. This item is an original and will not be duplicated, it is also signed by me and dated. The collage comes with a stand for display. Or if you care to, you can drill some holes for hanging on the wall, I will let you handle that!! When Minyele and I opened up our Nook & Cranny gift shop here on the island, we were themed; antique, grunge, old, primitive and such with our crafted items. Some how, some time along we moved away from that theme, not sure why or what happened. This style of crafting is my first love, anything old, tattered and worn. So, I'm back!! Oh and I love antique cloths pins, too.... go figure!!! Look for more of the same soon. Visit our etsy shop for this item. Visit our craft supply shop for items for your own crafts, vintage ephemera, antique paper, lace, trim and much more; Thanks for stopping by. We love comments so be sure to leave one before you go so we know you stopped by. Michele & Minyele

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


One World One Heart tour was such a wonderful experience. We would like to take a moment to thank Lisa Swifka for all the work she did putting this event together for all of us, BRAVO, Lisa.  We love to blog, we love to look around. We have such a great time uploading blogs, it's like an auction (you never know what is coming up next) it's addicting to say the least. Some made us sit right back in our chairs, some made us smile, some made us laugh outloud and some made us weep. As we said, we loved it. We gathered some followers on our tour and we can't wait to post some new posts to see the feedback. We also look forward to getting back to each and every one that posted a comment on our blog, all 160 of you. And hopefully make more new friends along the way. Willy Wonka Pea Doodle thanks all those that commented on his handsomeness, he loves that, he said. Now for the winners of our items. Drum rollllll......................... True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 63 Powered by/ Susan has won the wooden collaged plate. Thanks for stopping by Susan. We will be emailing you very soon. True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 81 Powered by  Debra has won the dog scarf, hopefully you have a dog, but if not, we're sure you could give it away to someone special that does. Thanks Debra for stopping by. We will be emailing you very soon. True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 158 Powered by  Bev has won the vintage ephemera kit of goodies, congrats Bev. We will be emailing you very soon Bev, thanks so much for stopping by. Again, we had a grand time visiting all the blogs that we did, it was many!! We would gladly do it again next year. Michele & Minyele