Friday, February 25, 2011


Welcome to my studio, my haven.
Beware, I am on the verge of being a hoarder. If you know me, you know I LOve vintage lace and trims. I frequent a local auction house, most of my lace and trims were purchased there by the BOX lots. I love to collage, this was a large mirror.
I also love vintage patterns and more of this and that. My studio never really looks like this, it is usually a mess from my latest project. I like the idea that I can just walk away when I need to without having to pick everything up.
I love my space, I feel happy here and content as can be.
I enjoy girly pink things around. These vintage Avon items remind me of when I was a little girl.
I fill my space with a lot of my favorite items from my past, those things that really don't belong or fit into the decor of your regular living space, you know, the items you have never wanted to get rid of.....
I love birds! Who wouldn't want to be a bird??
I don't get rid of much of anything.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting my studio, my favorite place to sit, play and create.
p.s. I know some of you have seen a few of these photos in the past, I wanted to do a post of my studio so I can put on the sidebar of my blog.


Diane said...

I did like the visit! And your studio looks like you said...where you can just reach out and grab what you need. The advantage to a small space!
Hugs, Diane

Lynn Stevens said...

I'd be in heaven there! great studio!!!!

Mina said...

I adore your studio! So many wonderful things to explore.

1CardCreator said...

Lovely studio and lovely blog. So glad I found your blog at Bella's. Hope you will visit me too at 1CardCreator. ~Diane

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Wow, LOVE it! Yes your a hoarder, we all are. That's what makes us artists right? LOL My dream is to go to an auction one day & wall out with a 'box lot' of old lace. I think I'd be on cloud 9 for days. Loved seeing your Avon stationary sets. That does remind me of childhood. I loved sitting & writing letters on pretty paper. I have a few boxes in my own studio. Thanks for the great tour.

Paula said...

Hi, Michele,
Thanks so much for the visit to your wonderful studio! I ALMOST had my finished before we got our sweet new addition to the family, and then the project was set aside as I focused on feeding schedules, playtime, snuggle time with my baby boy. The studio, because it is on the second floor near the nursery, was turned temporarily into a kitchen and bottle-making station! And that's where it's been stuck for the last ten months. But I have BIG PLANS to finish it someday soon. Now that we don't have to do those 3 am feedings, I think I can start the process again!

Hope you're enjoying your week! Stop by for a blog visit when you have a few minutes!

Best wishes,

Paula said...

P.S. I had to laugh out loud when I read your statement about almost being a hoarder. My husband tells me all the time that if I don't quit bringing stuff into the house, we're going to find ourselves featured on the "Hoarders" television show. :-) I'm not THAT bad, but I do love my stuff!


Something Special said...

My craft studio is my favorite place to hang out also. I can see that you are very sentimental, and organized. I am working on my studio constantly, to make it even more inviting for myself, so that It will be truly a place of imagining, designing and Creating.

Something Special said...

Michele, I think we two one 'L' Micheles are kindred spirite. I looked at your fabric collage and It is made from fabric that I just die for, and well all your works of art are so much like how I think! Sometime we should do some swappin!

Carla said...

OMG I just clicked on your side bar to check out your studio.......when can I come play with you? LOL FABULOUS and I super envious!
Glad you had an awesome vacation! Cant wait to see pictures.