Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I do love to rummage around in antique stores however, I usually do not pay the antique prices.
I am a yard sale, barn sale, rummage sale sort of gal.
I would rather find the same items at these sort of sales and pay a ton less, this being a big part of the hunt for treasures.
Here are some pictures of some of my travels to some antique shops.

I tend to be drawn to the linen area of a shop. 
Here are a bunch of aprons, these are always fun to look at.

Random linens, more aprons and such.

A silk blanket, very nice!

I do love to look at baby clothing, so precious...

A collection of gloves.

This item I did purchase.

Who doesn't love a doily??

These items I did purchase.

I love picking up linen dinner napkins.
I so enjoy wrapping some of my swap gifts in these napkins, makes for beautiful gift wrapping and adds an additional gift.

What area do you head to when you walk into an antique shop?
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