Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I purchased this doll at a local rummage sale a few weeks ago.
I plan on taking off her dress and the bows out of her hair.
I will be redressing her for the holidays and gifting her to my friend Betsy.
A few months ago Betsy gifted me with these vintage dresses, see post here.
The tiny pink pillowcase full of baby clothes was a gift I so loved.
I told Betsy I thought a doll dressed in one of the dresses was in order for the holiday.
I will post when I have finished.

Do you have a doll project in mind for the holidays?
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A Vintage Fairy said...

Can't wait to see her transformed!

Denise said...

Darling doll!-So sweet for the holidays.I just received My cake from you.I was shocked how pretty it is. You are so generous and a lovely lady sending Me so many gifts. All the gifts were so nice,I truly was so surprised.After seeing how pretty both My cakes are, I've decided to put them out on cake plates.I'm glad in a way now I didn't send My cakes out early.Now I can try to make them up better,but I will send My cakes out by the 1st. I realized this morning I hadn't followed you by mistake.I fixed that.Thank you so much again-Denise