Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My much anticipated (five) 5 x 5 Christmas/Winter squares have arrived. I joined in a swap (first swap ever) awhile ago. The rules were; make (five) 5" x 5" squares (themed Christmas/Winter) using anything we wanted. We had a deadline to mail to the person hosting the swap (Jillayne was our sweet host). Once the host received all the squares, she swapped them all up and sent them back out. Each person received five different squares from five different artists. If you want to see the five squares I made you can see it here in this post. In my package was this card and a sweet note from Jillayne along with this fabric heart. I found this beautiful handmade bag with some of the 5 x 5's inside. This bag was made by Jillayne also, isn't it so pretty. What will I keep in my bag??
My first square is a square from our host, Jillayne from A Fine Seam (how luckly was I) Beautiful lace, velvet trims, vintage buttons, bling, and satin trims all weaved to perfection. The pink hues go so well with the antique colors of the vintage lace and trims. Thanks Jillayne!
My next square includes sheet music (my favorite paper item) with kittens, vintage bling , bows, tiny buttons, and beautiful lace. Do you see the tiny, tiny tag that says "Noel"? This is a sweet, sweet square. This square was created by Marie at Spun By Me.
Thank you Marie!!
This next square is of a snowman as you can see. What you can't see is how beautiful this is (the pictures don't do this piece justice. It has handstiching, beautiful snowflakes made with tiny crochet pieces, the hat is hand stitched, the material used is so beautiful. This piece was made by Susan at Suztats, she is so talented. Thank you Susan!!
This next square was made by Tina at One Wild Swan.
It is handpainted, and is surrounded by silver glitter and a silver paper doily. Do you notice the owl up in the tree? The young woman has a sweet face and looks so warm in her hat and long coat. Thank you Tina!!
This square is a bird of fabric. The bird is so wonderful, it has a gemstone for an eye. Earthtones are my colors, indeed. The square is finished off with buttons in each cornor. This is made by Lucille. I would post her website but she doesn't have one (not yet, anyways). Next to my love for sheet music is my love for birds. Thank you Lucille, she is beautiful!!
I want to thank everyone again for my squares, I love each and every one of them. I will be putting them in my studio so I can look at them each and every day.
I enjoyed this swap so much, and would do it again in a minute. I want to thank our host, Jillayne again for hosting the swap, without her none of us would be in possession of our (five) 5 x 5 lovely squares.
Have you joined a swap lately??
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Jillayne said...

It made it! I am so glad you like your little bundle of goodies - I loved that snowman too and you are so right - it is so amazing in person! I tried taking pictures but they were a flop - yours is much better. This was my first swap too, both hosting and participating and you guys were all so great; it was a lot of fun and I would certainly do it again.Thanks so much for joining in.

Christine Edwards said...

Beautiful winter squares...the detail they each have is incredible.

Your skelly tea party was awfully cute too. Are you ready for some trick 'r treating? :-)