Sunday, October 31, 2010


These are my items for the TRICK OR TREAT SWAP hosted by Christine at A WORK IN PROGESS. You can go to see all the other Halloween swaps. This is a copy of an antique photo in my personal collection of children. They are all dressed up for Halloween. I sewed this photo on a table linen and bordered it with more cloth.
I added a cutout of a bird with a witch's hat, some large safety pins, a vintage earring, a grunged clothes pin, an owl and a fox.
This spooky item is made using an very antique book cover. A vintage bingo card, a copy of a photograph of a real relative riding this owl. I love this owl with it's black crown.
The collage is finished off with a piece of old and tattered tablecloth.
The swap requested three items, two treats and one trick. These two items are my treats, now for my trick. The trick is a grunged organzia bag with two Halloween pencils, pipberries, a glitter spider, skull and a ghost made of white tule.
Here is my package I received in the mail for our swap, oh boy, what fun!!
Here is one treat, a tree. This tree actually stands up. It has the word "BOO" on it. It is also embellished with bats and spiders.Here is a trick. This is a box, notice the skelly's eyes are red gemstones?? What is in this box you ask??? One LARGE spider!! This is the next treat. Two hangings made of cloth, scary!!
One skelly and a fence with birds. What is this package. I have my two treats and my one trick, what could this be?? It sure has nice packaging...
A beautiful necklace from Christine, I love this. It is two sided to boot..
This is the second side. Thank you so much Christine. I just love it!!

Well, I am off to go trick or treating now. I have to find out who gave me my treats and my trick.

Go on over to Christine's at A Work In Progress to see what everyone else got for their trick and treats, could be alot of fun.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

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Linda said...

I love your wonderful artwork pieces...and what great swap items you received!

Christine Edwards said...

Michele, I'm so glad you joined in for Trick 'r Treat. There were so many wonderful treats (even the tricks were treats), all of them so unique. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

AmyB said...

I received your wonderful wall hanging as one of my "Treats." It is a treat indeed! What great details and texture you wove together for a fun finished piece. Thanks so much! - Amy Bauer

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Hi Michele! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a little comment. Wasn't this swap fun?!! You created and sent out some great things, and you rec'd some cool stuff in return! Hope you weren't too grossed out by the big green yucky spider! The "trick" box was from me ;o) wink, wink {had trouble uploading pics of what I sent out on my blog}

Hope you're enjoying all your new goodies ~ tricks and treats ~ and had a Happy Halloween!